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Love for Love wanted

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Love

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

How to salvage a relation..

What must one do to get over the problems

When we know there have been mistakes made.. how long will it take for us to try to undo those mistakes, Or Is it easy to just walk away …

How to pick the broken pieces and glue them.. Or as someone said we should wait for the NEXT person to come and fix them.. Is it so easy to just go to the next person.. Why dont we take it or feel that maybe if we just said Sorry or for that matter not even sorry… Just push your hand out or hold the hand that is out

Thats all it takes, Or is it that the day spent away were better .. BUT WERE THEY really.. or did we just try to close our eyes or turn a blind eye.. In my thoughts its not easy to turn a blind eye cause someday it will come back and Then on that day will one be able to look in there eyes and say Yes I did enough or ALL to pick the pieces…

because if the answer is NO then it will kill you inside slowly, now you may say yeah i will survive or it doesnot matter , I am more happier But then the day you are sitting alone Wondering what could have been… did we try enough.. When you are sitting in a courtyard, rain drops falling.. watching someone happy.. the thought comes to you Wish someone was here .. THAT TIME what will happen…

Life is too short to let things go… OR AM I LIVING IN A DREAM LAND 🙂