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Its true when people say One door closes another one opens ..

I did not believe it.. But it happened with me today.. I am not going to say which door closed. but I met someone today..

A person who for some odd reason , Knew that i was not OK, that there was something wrong going on in my life.. I have not met this person , I have never talked to this person ever before …

Yet this person knew or Felt it.. Are there still people like these in this world.. In this world of Selfish, Manipulating ,Arrogant people, In this world

Where what you say or promised did not mean a thing..
Where it was fine to break the others heart ..
Where it was OK to leave someone in the middle of the road, never to look back.. Where the words you say don’t mean anything other then the commercial aspect of it
Where oh man I could go on…

But in this F&*%$£ up world I talked to someone today ,

Who is so genuine
Who felt my hurt ..
Who tried to make me feel good
Who got worried when she heard I got hurt in a car crash..
Who genuinely wished me best
Who was there Out of blue..

How did it happen
How did this take place.. We are on different continents.. We don’t know each other .. We live in our own worlds ..

How often does it happen when you get a feeling like this, a feeling when all is lost , everything is dieing around you.. a person comes by and as they show in the geography channels a flower opening up, fresh breeze of life.. something like that happens…

Today I chatted with a girl, who told me all is not lost.. there is life beyond the closed door. This post if dedicated to this GIRL ..

I am thankful to you .. I was or had been planning something, But this beautiful person , with a beautiful heart was there .. to listen to everything I had to say, my sob story , my whining , my stupid stuff…

I prey to God to give her all the happiness that one can have in this world.. And If I can ever be of any kind of help God give me the strength and the will to help her.. whatever it may be

I am indebted to her.. She was there to listen to me … and tell me all those good things..

Its made me Smile ….

Thank You…….