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A Thought

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Life, Soch

Have you ever thought of things happening .. why are they happening

People say this is the world. But then Why is this the World.. this is what happens BUT why is it that it happens …

Some say that people who love.. god resides in them, then what happened to God when it was my turn..

Promises are made to be broken, Turn your face away from promises.. Thats what life is.. everyone breaks the promises .. Neta log.. America.. girl Friends.. Lovers .. they all break the promises.. But I am a AAM AADMI.. How can a aam aadmi break the promise ..

No respect for love I guess …

We are guests in this world ,in this life for Two days .. Tomorrow who has seen..

Do something for someone and then see what god does for you.. thats what I was told BUT WHAT DOES GOD DO .. HE DOES NOTHING…

patte chad gaye ne bodhaan tonn
duniya matlab di … zara bach ke .modaan ton te Matalabi lokaan ton

Jo galti na kare woh aadmi kaun, par Jo maaf na kare woh aadmi kaun