Tiger World v/s Mans World.. the winner is…..

Posted: March 5, 2010 in India, Mankind, My Thoughts., Soch, Wake up

Welcome to this WORLD..

Round 15 … In the orange corner is the Tiger weighing on average 540pounds …

In the Multicolour Corner.. MAN.. weighing on average 80KG’s


Dhishum–dhishum.. Sound of Bullet… Tree Falling… Sound of someone removing skin of a animal…

* continues for 3 minutes ***

Silence………… AND

.. The winner is *drum rolllsss Tain tain Taannnn … **

MAN… We Winnnnnnnnnnnnnn Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
In the past few days i have been reading a lot of blogs on the condition of Tigers in our world.. The World of MANKIND .. the world where the biggest threat to the existence of any other living kind/Species is MAN.

So finish MANKIND… rest all will survive.. but this is not a practical thing to do, cause i for one don’t want to die just yet…

Another problem is the ways of the Tiger itself, it does not induce confidence that it will survive..

I read a lot of suggestions made by people what can be done, what should be done.. some have come out with

1) Blog about it use our respective pages on social networking websites
2) Campaign against poaching and condemn the past acts of celebrities
3) Send SMS’es and E-mails
4) Avoid using paper as much as possible
5) Visit tiger sanctuaries and national parks
6) Donate and/or volunteer – One can donate funds to World Wildlife Fund and at the same time volunteer to work towards conserving tiger by getting in touch with an NGO.

and various other ways .. blaming the Govt is also one of those.. I blame them tooo

Some have blamed CHINA toooo

But my Friends THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE.. The time is to WALK THE TALK.. As one of the blogs has put it so very correctly. We need to get together but we cant do it without the Govt, Because lets see the biggest risk to a Tiger at this moment is poaching, who is the poacher MAN.. he is doing it for MONEY.. because he is POOR.. If one gets caught there are 10 more to take his place..

What will we do getting together go to the jungle to stop these Men.. I can bet you anything We cant do it .. to survive in the jungle ourself will become a headache, leave alone saving the tiger, Hence my point of that the LAW needs to be made stringent.

I think if laws are stringent maybe things will improve.. an eye for an eye.. cause when a tiger kills a man.. it is maneater.. so if a man kills a tiger he is a TIGEREATER.. and deserves the same treatment..

Caught.. put in Cage and Then SHOT

If the Govt want, Truly wants then it can be done.. as we have seen in a lot of cases if something needs done then IT can be done. Rahul gandhi goes for Mumbai darshan without a Hiccup.. WHY .. because the Govt left no Stone unturned to make it happen.

Our DEAR DARLING NETA’s are too busy feeding the Animal inside them in there stomach.. Thats what the problem is..

Sending SMS, Emails , Blogs etc etc are not going to make ONE BIT Of difference.. Most of you will read this article and forget it, when you move on to a different page.


The only way Tiger can survive is with the Extinction of MANKIND.. Get rid of MANKIND every other species will survive

  1. Its so cool post. thanks for sharing us…


  2. BK Chowla, says:

    This subject has got more importance than it deserves.It is true that we need to do something about it, but, who is we?We have voted in a Govt to govern,it is their job and if they can't they must make way for others to come in.Let them make whatever laws they need to.And is possible that Poaching is on without the connivance of the corrupt govt officers?So the question is ,who is we?


  3. Insignia says:

    Sorry state of affairs. There is an uproar now, but will it work? Blogging, writing, SMSing about it?Will it really work? Is it feasible for it leash the tigers and put them in cages???Absurd!!


  4. sm says:

    Its no use today xyz is killing tigers but i am sure after the death of all tigers,next generation will kill this xyz.just think whose number it will be after tiger ?


  5. Bikram says:

    @Friendship Sms Jokes :- thank you for visiting here and liking the post. and the lovely comment.. Please do keep visiting … @Chowla sir ji:- i know what you mean .. like i said the Damage is done.. what we need to do is Save others from extinction.. rather then dwell on something which is gonna happen NO MATTER WAHT.. and stop others getting extinct…


  6. Bikram says:

    @Insignia:- Like i said .. this battle is LOST .. for SURE .. if not this year then in Two or three.. What we can do is OPEN our eyes for the others .. and maybe god willing SAVE some from MANKIND… Nope even the cages are not gonna work now .. its too late …


  7. Bikram says:

    @SM:- Exactly my Point .. this is what i mean .. We need to WORK NOW to save some other animal which is gonna go extinct sooner or later… and the one XYZ that needs to get lost is MAN… all will be safe and as they say ALL IZZ WELL…


  8. Madhu says:

    If u get rid of mankind who will save the existing ones!there are people who are doing their bit too aint it..:) :P:DP.s i have posted a sequel to ur "wishes" post.Do check it out!


  9. Last Sunday, there was this meeting in the jungle to elect the next national animal for India. The polls were null as no animal wanted to risk its life.


  10. Bikram says:

    @Madhu:- well to save all other species MANKIND has to go .. Simple logic.. we have caused all the disasters in someway or other.. MANKIND was not there .. Everything will survive..


  11. Bikram says:

    @The holy Lama:- yeah who wants to take the risk he hehe I bet they are all sitting there thinking .. which one to give the title too..


  12. Neha says:

    yeah nothing is going to help; but what else to do? as u said; damage is already done..now let's wait and watch the end result..


  13. Bikram says:

    @Neha:- yeah looking forward to that only now.. the end result .. Soon we will be talking of another species…


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