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Decision Making

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Decison, Soch, Thinking

A group of children were playing near two railway tracks, one still in use while the other disused. Only one child played on the disused track, the rest on the operational track.

The train is coming, and you are just beside the track interchange. You can make the train change its course to the disused track and save most of the kids. However, that would also mean the lone child playing by the disused track would be sacrificed. Or would you rather let the train go its way?

What would you do….

UPDATE 1:- The question is to make a decision to change track or not change the track.. ?

Hint:- There is a Moral behind this .. So get those thinking hats on.. you have to decide ? No business of pull chain, shout, horn nothing …

I had this post earlier .. Got nothing else to write so i thought I shall re-write it , hope i gets more views this time 🙂 just being greedy ..

I was watchin a program and heard a few nice tit-bits, imagine what u can do with your mobile phones. Here are a few ideas..

You are all sitting in a pub and send some messages to , someone from the phone of a person who has gone to the loo. Just imagine the reaction of this guy, the hell he is in, if you send a txt to the wife or girl friend of the person who left the phone

“Dont worry it’s ok, she will never find out X X X X” (XX is for kiss kiss 🙂 )

oooh he is gonna have fun when he reaches home 🙂 or meets her…

or or or how about, you know how a txt can be sent to everyone in the contacts , send a txt to everyone in your phonebook saying


“I found out your secret Cant talk now, txt me … ”

I did that i got a few txt back but Sekhon my friend replied one Word …

“HOW” … 🙂

or if you are cruel you could send a message to your mother saying

“I am safe .. dont worry “

and then switch off the phone for an hour he he he he this will be cruel wont it … she will go mental he he he…

Two friends got very upset over the fact, that they had to pay a lot of money, for the pay as you go phones so they decided to get two homing pigeons, use them for sending messages to each other .. they started doing that but one day one of them got a note from other with nothing written on it .. this makes him mad, so he used his PHONE to call the other to asks whats that for ..

Oh that was a missed call… the friend replied. 🙂

And oh yeah have you ever by mistake changed the language on the phone .. here is a idea what you can do … get your mates phone and change the language to Chinece or russian .. anything other that what he uses 🙂 he he he he .. that would be funny cause it doesnot ask Are you sure you want to change.. you press the button . bam language changed… he he he

So people who read this lets hear whats the funny thing you have done on your or your friends phone ….


Posted: March 27, 2010 in Favours, Friends, Waste

What a Crap day it was ..

It was my day off I was to go for my game meet friends, go for a drink and have a decent sleep but a friend called me up saying he had some work to do could I do him a favour by doing his night shift 4pm to 4am.

I don’t know why I said yes, have been saying to myself no more favours ever, I rarely ask anyone to do my shifts, anyway he told me “Bik don’t worry its a good shift, you will enjoy it .. they are short on shift so it wont get lazy or anything ”

I came to work to realise I was doing a shift which involved watching someone, so he would not do anything to himself.. Well first of all If he is taken in then obviously he has done something wrong, The watch shift was to be in hospital cause apparently the guy had overdosed himself to avoid being taken in.

I mean wtf here I am sitting since 2 hours now watching this person, who is no good, has done so much wrong in all his life , has previous history.. So why should i be sitting here looking at him just in case he doesn’t do anything to himself, I say let him.. Good riddance.. going by previous history he is gonna go out and do the same thing he has been doing.

Here we are Two people, One car .. while this person has had his medicine and Trying to go to sleep, after watching some Tele which is on his bed side.. Each time he has to go relieve himself one of us has to go with him, stand outside the loo just in case he does a runner .. I mean WTF.. what a waste of resource.. over a person who doesn’t deserve it.

And to put matter worse all fun stuff is going ON out there and I am missing out on action .. how much fair is that … so again I am making a mental account of it Not to do favours to anyone .. Favours generally suck…

Ahhhhhhhhh what a waste of Day it was ….


Posted: March 26, 2010 in God, Soch, Thinking

Do you ever wonder what life would be like for all if you were “god”. Well, I have been thinking on it for some time now, There are a lot of things that I would like to do , but First and foremost if I was god I would make sure that Human race never existed, because they are the cause of all evil that is prevalent in this little world of ours.

Man kind has become selfish and arrogant today. He wants to posses every thing in the word and deprive others of the same. What ever is created in the world is to be distributed to all but this concept has now vanished.

SO i wish I was GOD then I could have come and destroyed it all..Because when will the Real GOd come out and do it No one has any IDEA …

My brother came from India, and brought with him a lot of cd’s, mp3’s etc etc, well that one thing I get every time someone turns up from India. SO I heard this song, a new song from a singer Babbu Mann. I had heard of a song sung by a singer telling about the greatness of our Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji and the bad practices followed by the baba’s these days. I must say here I was mighty impressed with the song…

He sang the truth, Guru ji walked all over the places whereas the new breed of baba’s (well I am ashamed to call them baba’s , because they are not, they are just excellent spokesmen, very good politicians that’s all, they know what to say at what time, what place.. and they are getting the reward for it )..

Check out at you tube the whole plethora of videos, songs, presentations on this new song, everyone has made comments on it, but end of the day It is our fault, the followers especially the Sikh women. Who have gone mad over these so called baba’s, what is the need to touch the feet of one. I know when I write this I will be slagged off by tons of people, But tell me, just answer one question WHAT IS THE NEED.

Sikhism teaches us that there is ONE GURU for SIKHS which is GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI.

Sikhism teaches us not to do Idol worship.

Sikhism teaches us not to go after dhongi, false baba’s.

Then going by just the above rule, it makes the action ANTI SIKH, if we go to a baba, and think of him/her as the guru. The story ends here, END OF… there is nothing to discuss cause right here we failed miserable being a SIKH the moment we think of a HUMAN to be a GURU.

On a bigger picture it is true all these baba’s are so rich, where they getting the money from, even if the followers are giving so much Why is that money not being spent on something worthwhile, rather than make a building for a Gurudwara Sahib, and buying themselves Merc and BMW’s, why don’t they spend the money for the welfare of people. That’s what Sikhism teaches us or does it not. Why not open hospitals, schools for free.

How come the baba travels in a Luxury Merc, I have been working my arse off for years I can’t afford a Merc and I WORK HARD, then he has a troupe an entourage follow him, why does he need that. It’s because of the bad they have done they need protection. If they are so good then I am sure GOD WILL PROTECT THEM, what are they to fear for if GOD IS WITH THEM.

Is it Not this that they teach.. That they are men of GOD.. So why do they need protection .. God Has sent them , God will protect them …

I am disgusted at the ways these DHONGI’s baba’s have come up.. I have this idea , in 10 years time when everyone back in india has forgotten me , I should go back and say BIKRAM BABA JI UK WAALE… I bet i could have a decent fan following.. SO all the people who read this How about supporting me … You can all come to the party, we can earn enough to go a long way .. All you have to do is Start preaching that a Baba has come from UK.. he knows it all…

What say Anyone Party….

I have been wondering over various things that go by in life .. and always found that anything that makes you smile is the best thing to happen. here are a few things that i have heard or read somewhere that have made me smile .. hopefully or maybe they might put a smile on somebody who reads this …

1. Two fishes swimming at there leisure, bang into a wall .. one says to the other “DAM” 🙂

2. What do u call a fish without a eye… u call it

Fsh … Fsh … Fsh

3. I always been curious and thought about it that isn’t it strange that when you say the same word in different places it means different and takes a Entirely different meaning .. well think about it that is you say

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA in a library they look at you and think What the heck,, what is this person doing …

But .. BUT if you do the same in a plane guess what happens


4. A man is like a deck of cards you need a HEART to love him.. A DIAMOND to marry him.. A CLUB to hit him and a SPADE to bury him….

Also do you peole read ads that come out in local newspapers , Because Ads in the local newspaper tell a lot about the local area and the people staying now imagine reading a ad..

1. For sale a double pine bed, includes mattress and sheets.. Contains STAIN

dirty people 🙂 he he he he

2. 12 pairs of mens trousers size 36.. GENUINE reason for Sale .. Now someone tell me WHAT genuine reason could there be for selling all the trousers…

3. I saw this ad it said

Fishing REEL Cover for sale.. FITS most fishing Reels

and under it was written 50 pence.. NO Time WASTERS

I will find it difficult to waste this guys time any more efficiently as much as he is doing for himself, Don’t you think so ….

IT so happens that I am feeling quiet nostalgic, I had had a few shorts so you can well imagine, it all started cause we decided to go out for a drink yesterday. So we all got together, I dont like writing names so it was me with 3 other guys and 2 girls. It is weird way here we eat food first and then go for drinks , unlike india where we drink ,get sozzled and then eat.. So met up outside Jimmy spices on Broad Street, first time i was there and I must say WOW.. Anyone visiting Uk-Birmingham needs to go there its got so many food dishes Buffet, I love the chicken and meat preparations so I had a ball of a time ..

Had our fill of food the bill came, I HATE THIS PART.. each one is calculating how much each owes.. Oh he had a Guniness so thats 2.98 extra , she had a bottle of corona so thats only £2.. It disgusts me thinking of all this makes me remember when we use to go out for an evening back home. We did not drink that much so it was like once in two weeks or so.. The favourite place was Ghazal in sector 17 or Aroma in 22 or Mehfil.

Money was never a issue even when my dad had me on a tight leash, we someone managed to have enough, if not enough then our mothers were tremendous cooks, so we did not have to worry much about food because food was always available. The point I wanted to make was that even though we use to share the money out then also it was not like this , we use to put Rs100 or 200 each , order and one of us paid, irrespective of who had what, and then also it was not you had to put in the money, If you did not have then all you had to say was sorry, others did not mind at all.

I remember since my dad was quiet strict he would never give me enough (I know you can never have enough of it), I could not contribute as others, but it was never a issue, there have been so many occasions when Sukhi or vikram or sunil or barinder or anyone has paid for the drinks and the food for me, because when I had money they didnot I paid.

I have never been able to digust this sort of calculations when the bill comes, I have some lovely friends here who have slowly got to know the indian way. I had to laugh One of my mates Dave got married last year, he had invited me but i joked with him saying I am not gonna come , because I dont like going to the pub for your party and paying for my own drinks. This is normal trend, you get the first drink paid for after that you pay for your own. So I remember reaching the venue, it was in a remote country side.. Dave came over introduced me to his wife, took me to the bar , told the barman all drinks that I have are on him.

So now when I go to parties especially white guys, this is what I get, so i guess i am slowly converting them to the indian punjabi style he he he

Rules of Life

Posted: March 16, 2010 in Life, Rules, Soch, Thinking

1 . Pursue Achievable Goals

2 . Keep Genuine Smiles

3. Keep Cool Under Pressure

4. Get Along with the Rich, the Poor, the Beautiful, & the Ugly

5.Help Thy Neighbors

6. Share with others

7. Treasure Every Moment with Your Loved Ones

8. Cooperate and Reap Greater Rewards

9. Have a Few Pals

10. Forgive the Annoyance of Others

11. Lighten the Atmosphere with Humor

11. Understand “Money Isn’t Everything”

12. Take Calculated Risks

13.Indulge Yourself Occasionally ”

14.Respect the Disadvantaged

15. Have High Confidence in Yourself ”

Love for Love wanted

Posted: March 15, 2010 in Love

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

How to salvage a relation..

What must one do to get over the problems

When we know there have been mistakes made.. how long will it take for us to try to undo those mistakes, Or Is it easy to just walk away …

How to pick the broken pieces and glue them.. Or as someone said we should wait for the NEXT person to come and fix them.. Is it so easy to just go to the next person.. Why dont we take it or feel that maybe if we just said Sorry or for that matter not even sorry… Just push your hand out or hold the hand that is out

Thats all it takes, Or is it that the day spent away were better .. BUT WERE THEY really.. or did we just try to close our eyes or turn a blind eye.. In my thoughts its not easy to turn a blind eye cause someday it will come back and Then on that day will one be able to look in there eyes and say Yes I did enough or ALL to pick the pieces…

because if the answer is NO then it will kill you inside slowly, now you may say yeah i will survive or it doesnot matter , I am more happier But then the day you are sitting alone Wondering what could have been… did we try enough.. When you are sitting in a courtyard, rain drops falling.. watching someone happy.. the thought comes to you Wish someone was here .. THAT TIME what will happen…

Life is too short to let things go… OR AM I LIVING IN A DREAM LAND 🙂

Moral from a relation

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Angry, Hurts, Life, Love, My Thoughts., Rant, Soch

A man hated his wife’s cat and he decided to get rid of it. He drove 20 blocks away from home and dropped the cat there. The cat was already walking up the driveway when he approached his home.

The next day, he decided to drop the cat 40 blocks away but the same thing happened.. He kept increasing the number of blocks but the cat kept coming home before him.

At last he decided to drive a few miles away, turn right, then left, past the bridge, then right again and another right and so on until he reached what he thought was a perfect spot and dropped the cat there.

An hour later…. The man calls his wife at home and asked her, “Jen is the cat there?” “Yes, why do you ask?” answered the wife.

Frustrated the man said,” Put that damn cat on the phone, I am lost and I need directions to reach home!!!


“How much ever we dislike somebody, someday we will need their assistance. So never worry how many people dislike you … ”

and Loads will be there who dislike you.. even the people who say they love you will dislike you.. they will be thinking of someone else when saying they love you..
But be BRAVE and STAND TALL… Because everyone will match there alike .. if they break your heart someday someone will break theres .. to make them realise ..

If they dislike you .. then someday someone will dislike them with so much hatred they will have a chill go down there spine …