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VISA for Mumbai

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Angry, My Thoughts., Soch, Thinking

Have been reading some news for the last few days, Heard how UK embassies have closed taking Student applications due to the Mad rush to come over to uk. Its sad to see the state of Mumbai where common man is not safe.

It was funny to read Shiv sena’s idea of stopping the IPL players from australia to play in mumbai , because of the racism attacks on indians .. Can I please ask a few questions

1. Indians under racist attack in Australia do they mean normal Indians or Indians from Mumbai or Maharashtrians

2. By Maharashtrians Do you mean By birth

3. If by birth then do they mean to parents who live in Maharashtra

4. Will the By Birth quote include Maharashtrians who have settled in different states

5. Maharashtrians who have settled in different states of India (of which Maharashtra is suppsoed to be a part  I am guessing here.. Sorry if i am wrong.. From news it seems to be independent country) Do they Or Should they loose the right to be called Maharashtrians ?

6. Some Maharshtrians who live out of maharshtra ( I know of Two , and they will KILL ME FOR THIS 🙂 ,  Abhi and Kunal Tum dono to gaye , baba re.. Pitaji ka makaan or showroom to gaye aapke) , they dont know marathi, Should I ask them never to visit Maharshtra Because this is one of the things, They should know Marathi.

7. And Please help needed here, Please please , UK govt has made some written exams compulsory to pass for different criterias, Can you please start this andolan that Since some indians living here in Uk may be from maharashtra , The UK GOVT should have the exams in Marathi. That way a few like me , might get the benefit for they may also have exams in Punjabi. What say…

8. I read a comment from shiv sena member that “More than 50 lakh locals here are unemployed. We are fighting for their rights. ” said Shirish Parker, MNS MLA..
                    What rights are those ?
Unemployement is all over the country, So Mr Parker why dont you ask the Maharashtrians settled out of maharashtra to pack there bags and Come back to there homeland, make some job oppurtunities in other states.

I am just curious to know, Since I need to travel to Mumbai, Would the visa I have to visit India hold to visit mumbai. Dont want to fall on the wrong side of Shiv Sena or other parties. I hope I would not need a VISA to come to mumbai.

What is Going on, How can all the parties stoop to such a level of dirty politics, they even brought in the martyrs of 26/11,  HOW DARE THEY even say anything like this with context to the martyrs, bringing them into there dirty politics .. When will this stop..

As my father said “KYA BANEGA IS DESH KA “……….

Visa for Mumbai , As in this blog we as citizens of India need to do something NOW.. to bring back mumbai to india.. else soon we will loose this city for good …

Ok people an update on the previous article I wrote London Dreams

My cousin after visiting places finally got 2 or 3 avenues to go… He was introduced to a person who works for a Bakery. Which was about two hours drive from Birmingham.

First they asked him to get a bank account set up, we went to the bank for some reason my cousin wanted to open an account in the Indian bank “Punjab national bank” that have a branch in Birmingham on Soho road. We went there They would not accept the Indian passport as form of Identity, How weird is that, An Indian bank will not accept a INDIAN PASSPORT WOW..

Anyway we were told they need a UK Address, Mine will not work because for proof they need some official document with my cousins name and UK Address, Now how do we do that, someone suggested getting my Electric or Gas connection in his name, Called the board to do so Guess what they asked.. YESSSSS  Proof of address and a Bank account for direct debits — Catch 22 or what ..  Then came a suggestion to apply for a provisional license… when it comes back it will have the address and name .. So applied for it.

6 days later the license arrived, another trip to bank, To our surprise they need TWO proofs, why the guy did not tell us on first visit god knows, I guess the Indian mentality of making people come a few times is still there in them. By this time I was pissed off by the guy, I had a few words with him, after 2 -3 minutes his English finished, he turned to Punjabi, his manager came apologized.

We went home this time applied for a national insurance number, everyone needs it to work in uk, luckily there was nothing required by the UK Office, just a name and address, the NI number came in 4 days. So now we had two proofs of addresses.

THIRD trip to the bank was successful, phew …

After all this again my cousin went to these job people, they were happy he got the bank account, but oh they forgot to mention the NI number… He needs to get that now… BUT VOILA yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy we were one step ahead, we already had it… showed it, The guy did not have anything to say, I guess he thought he has put us off for another week, so it was
“KAL nu phone kariyo 1:30 Waje” call me tomorrow at 1:30…

Tomorrow 1:30 came, called ooops he forgot to tell , the cousin needs to have a medical card too, Till all this was going on They had not told where the job was, Hours of Job, Money. Why would they want the medical card I have no clue, so we went to my GP, talked to the lovely lady at reception, My GP plays hockey with me so it did not take long to get registered with him, we had the card in a hour.

Back to the guy, he could not think of anything else so, Job was there , they will pick up my cousin at 6AM in morning , 2 hours drive, work there for the 10hours shift , then drive back.. To start next day again… And LISTEN to this they will pay £4 an hour, with one hour taken off for lunch.

The reason to point this out is, he is living with me so he has no rent, no electric-gas, council anything to pay for, or even pay for the food. If he had to pay for all that DO YOU THINK IT’S WORTH WORKING SO HARD… and being PAID PEANUTS… To start at 6 he is getting up at 5 in morning and each day he reaches home around 9 or 10pm depending on traffic and all others who need dropping off from the van. Last week for two days the bakery stopped working for 3- 4 hours due to the current economic conditions, they don’t have that much orders, so he is NOT paid for those hours.

It is true that he will get £4 or £5 an hour which is roughly about Rs.400 an hour in India, That is a LOT of money… but then a Loaf of bread here is between 75p to £2 depending on brands, a cauliflower is for £1, that is ONE PIECE. A Single mango fruit is for 99p. I am sure you will get the idea suddenly £4 an hour is not enough money.

I think people in India forget that though earning pounds, you need to spend also in pounds…

Anyway people London dreams are not that lucrative anymore… so THINK…

By the way my cousin is on phone for another job will tell about that laterzzzz