Crime Watch – Sick F&%$ing Men

Posted: February 27, 2010 in Angry, Headlines, Hurts, Mankind, My Thoughts., never, Rant, UK

There is a program on Tv which comes once a month I think (not sure), called CrimeWatch.. It really disturbed me a lot last night.. apart from the usual that comes on it .. burglary, theft, GBH, or attempt.. What really shocked me was

A 13 year old beautiful girl, is sitting on a Bus stop in BROAD-DAYLIGHT, a Guy comes out of no where and sits next to her and starts to Fondle her, do Gross things RIGHT AT THE BUS STOP IN BROAD DAY LIGHT.. then he took her to a secluded place and ___ And then leaves to catch a train Calmly as if Nothing has happened. GET SHOCKED.

What has made me so mad about this is that

Its Broad Daylight..

People are there ,

Bus is stopping,

People are getting on to the Bus and NOONE gives a F&*% about what is going on Right there in Front of them. They are watching, This Guy almost drags the poor girl, people are on the Road.. ARE THEY F*&%$£& BLIND..

What has this world come to .. ?
Is no one interested in anything anymore.. ?
Have we become so F%&$*£$ Cowards.. ?

I am raging at the moment, god knows why , I feel really angry, VERY ANGRY.. Why would a Man do such a thing.. He want to have SEX with someone , Bloody hell Go to a corner of a road, find a bloody prostitute, pay her 10 bucks and get yourself releaved.. For F*&* sake… There are ample of prostitutes on british streets to do the favour for 10bucks… If you are so bloody aroused use them.. HOW will you feel if I did this with your daughter , your wife….

Such people dont deserve to Live.. they need to be caught and there ___ cut off.. Ridiculous.. a 13 year old girl.. What is this bloody world coming to.

The people who saw all this need to be ashamed of themself, as they say in hindi.. CHULLU BHAR PAANI MAIN DOOB MARO… If someone did this to your family you guys will be the first one to blame police, people everyone.. Now it is happening to someone else you are mere spectators..

What does it take to dial 999, Even if it a BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND… HUSBAND/WIFE… So what.. Ring the police tell them “You think it is an Assault happening.. “ It becomes a Response call or immediate then .. the police Has to do something.. Worst case scenario.. the couple (IF THEY ARE) will get a nasty surprise and a telling off to Do it indooors.. BUT on other hand a Innocent 13 year old is Saved..


If you dont have Phone.. you are in a Bus.. which is about to move.. If you are so afraid of yourself.. JUST SHOUT at top of your voice .. “OYE .. what do you think you are doing”.. THATS ALL IT TAKES… if its a genuine couple fine you will get a abuse back or a middle finger.. But if they are not .. The guy might get afraid and run away .. YOU save a innocent 13 year girl..

The police should find out who the people were at that time on the bus stop , who saw and TAKE THESE PEOPLE TO TASK.. These idiots, cowards are worst then offender.. at least we know the offender.. But these people are equally involved and are equally responsible.


God please please give me the strength that I dont chicken out if I see anything like this PLEASE…..

  1. Cool. That was just a serial, an imaginary story.


  2. Gaurav says:

    It was sad to hear that.


  3. React in real life and switch channels.


  4. Insignia says:

    That incident was videotaped. Do you think its for real? Reality show maybe!! I doubt if it could be that easy in a broad daylight otherwise.


  5. BK Chowla, says:

    I don't think you should take it seriously as it was only on TV.But,But,you will be shocked that in India it happens in real life.We have DG Police who did something like this to a 13yrs girl.He is still going free LAW IS AN ASSWe are only discussing this, but the poor girl has committed suicide.Which one is more disgusting?yours on TV or Indian in reality?


  6. Madhu says:

    ive confronted a lot of such stuffs..guess we need to grow up and take stand!


  7. Bikram says:

    @Chandrika Shubham:- No it was not a story it has happened in REALITY.@Gaurav:- yes sad it is ..@the holy lama;- yeah could have done that, but then if everyone does that flicking channel how will it all work then. At least it shows how the world is going and what all is happening around, and if got willing a chance comes to help then WHY not…


  8. Bikram says:

    @insignia:- it was not video taped , it was a reconstruction of the incident.. the guy they have caught on a cctv but the pictures are not clear. Crimewatch is a progrma that comes like the most wanted where they show old cases solved and the cases where police in unable to find any clues and needs people to come forward. This was one of the incidents and it just made me sick. 13 year old whats the world coming to do and that too like this no way …


  9. Bikram says:

    @Chowla sir:- yeah it is disgusting, Here also it happeend for real , like i said on tv they showed the reconstruction, just in case people who were there remember something , any more clues etc.. But in india what happeend i heard that too.. That police officer should be tried for murder toooo..


  10. Bikram says:

    @Madhu:- thanks for the comment, yes we need to stand up, what do you mean.. by the comment i could not get it ..


  11. sangeeta says:

    parents and teachers must join hands in raising awareness about these issues. as adults most of us are not comfortable talking about these how can children be comfortable reporting such incidents?our very own harmless looking uncles and male teachers do not hesitate in feeling us up..and im saying this from my experience…strangers se kya kahe?you can read about what i posted on the topic


  12. Neha says:

    it's so pathetic…how can anybody not do anything? I have heard that in foreign countries people do not interfere n others' business..they do not care even if you are walking naked on streets..don't you think this attitude is responsible somewhere for such incident?


  13. Harman says:

    its sad!!!how can the public be so dumb.. ????and lemme say somethin here we need to teach our kids self defense programme..boys or gurls..and how can a kid not hve a cell phone.. I can see every kid here carryin a basic plan on cell … .the public is that needs to be taken care of ..of the abuse!!!


  14. Insignia says:

    Oh my God!! Its so disgusting. Its that "none of my business" attitude. What has the world come to?


  15. sm says:

    sad storythanks for sharing, sad thing is the option is available but still this happens


  16. Bikram says:

    @sangeeta:- Yes you are right we need to do something .. Yes This is what happens our very own people do to us what we never think.. The very people we say we love are the one who break our hearts and treat us like nobody.. Thanks for lovely comment..


  17. Bikram says:

    @Neha:- Yes .. haanji it is so pathetic.. I wish to god that when or if i ever come across such a situation I SEE IT and do something about it .. Well this is wrong when you say people walk naked on streets .. I have lived in UK for a decade now and i have not seen any naked women or otherwise on the road walking.. Yeah very very less clothes 🙂 but not naked and even if they are NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DO ANYTHING to them AGAINST there wishes…


  18. Bikram says:

    @Harman:- yeah people are do dumb.. i see it almost every other day on duty .. you ask someones itss like I DONT KNOW.. I DID NOT SEE IT .. no comments blah blah blah..


  19. Bikram says:

    @insignia :- Haanji what has the world come to .. exactly my point… I just hope i dont become like them … @SM:- Thanks for reading it .. and for the lovely comment .. Thank You


  20. vats says:

    definately appreciate your initiative to highlight issues where women are silent victims…but responding appropriately and taking stringent action is easier said than done…you have quoted an incident of a 13 yr old girl..I know two 24 year girls in my friend circle who have been sexually abused by their boyfriends and could not one case the boy chased the girl to accept his so called love, forced her for passive sex, very much against her will. whenever she resised, the guy would retort “so you dont trust me, if you dont trust what is the use of marriage”..the girl typical bharati naari would give in because havin crossed the ” so crossed limit” cannot dream of a life with another guy..but having used her this way, this moron told her off after the girl moved to another city quoting “my mother is not accepting the relationship”..then why the fuck did u love?..if you are a feeding bottle baby, go and suck your mammas boobs not another girl in office haan..the girl made some desparate attempts over phone call to convince him but this man threated to murder her if she tried to contact him again saying he has some uncle who is a lawyer and has political contact and can finish her family it seems…WTF…my blood boils listening to this story, murder threats was heights of all..wished I were in India, I could go to his office and give his a royal slap…lara dutta style in PARTNER movie :)…but sad part is that the girl could not do anything..fearing image, family consideration and all the crap of Indian society…the second case another friend in the same category…brain washed in the name of love into a live in relationship with her boyfriend who was two timing in the same office they both worked…he had unlimited free sex and accomodation in a new he is requesting the girl to relieve him for an official arranged is very very obvious that both these guys never loved these girls…it was only for their that the job is over they dont want her..but sad part in India…girls just dont react..stupid indian mindsets…if 24 yr girl cant show enough courage, what will a 13 yr old girl do…by the by not just them…name any person who knows this story and has the courage to atleast give a tight slap to both these boys or any person in this forum who has his courage now that they know the story? the by the girls also need tight slap…the last I heard of this story, all the four are married to four other people..any ways this story should be a great inspiration to girls not to trust is also a rape with false sense of security..


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