Posted: February 26, 2010 in Law, My Thoughts., UK

Carrying on from the post on speeding,( Speeding ) reading the various comments I got, everyone seems to be of the idea that the punishment should be exemplary. The problem is the LAW itself. All the laws that have been written , have a maximum or minimum sentence associated with it.

Like in UK here, it is quiet saddening how people can get away with so much almost all the times , The law sometimes seems to be in favour of the criminal then the injured party and then there are the so called DO-Gooders, who always have something to say .. OH how this criminal did not have a sane childhood, Oh how this criminal had to go through this or that .. The situation of the criminal blah blah blah… and more BLAH…..

I remember when I had initially come , We had a friend who got sentenced for Assault and Grievous bodily harm.. What he had done was something that any man would do, He comes back home in evening to be told by the neighbour that a burglar had climbed the back window of his house, so Mr Singh opened the door and stood beneath the ladder used by the Burglar and when Mr. Burglar came down with handful of things he was welcomed with a Hockey stick, I think he broke his leg. Police was called which arrested Mr Singh for the assault , he was later fined and sentenced. I mean what is this a Man cant defend his own home.

A month or so ago I think it was the festival of ID, so the whole family had gone to masjid when burglars struck, The thugs were hiding when the family returned, took them hostage.. they made the people crawl, threatening them.. hurting them .. when they left the men of the house chased after the burglars and beat up one of them with a cricket bat.. In My eyes that is Excellent piece of work… The Guy should be applauded to have stood up against the burglars.. But according to law he was arrested and all the pallava. (he got freed after a few days , and public outrage, but still )

So getting these examples what are we to do, If I am at home and a burglar or terrorist or anyone enters my house , I hear him , I go to the kitchen pick up a carving knife and attack him.. I AM GUILTY OF ASSAULT.. I mean wtf.. cause its premeditated. On other had if I go down the guy attacks me and in the scuffle i pick a knife and hit him , Then its OK , then its self defence…


I Mean what sort of logic is that… I am not safe in my own house, That’s PATHETIC, I really would like to request all the burlgers , thief’s , rapists , all the bad people to please do me a favour, for every 2 -3 crimes you do, Please do One against the so called DO-Gooders, who think you lot have not had proper upbringing , there are issues with you. Show them your true self, let them feel the heat. These people sit in the warmth of there own house and then come out to say that a rapist , raped a girl cause he was mentally unstable.. WHAT THE HELL.. he knew what is going on, what he is doing , he knows he is having the pleasure … Then how can it be like that.

Listening the news and the sort of sentences that go with the crime , really makes me sick. We will need to go back to an eyes for an eye…

  1. Insignia says:

    OK, first things first. I hate to ask but I cant stop myself. Is this law the same on all? I mean, you mentioned 2 cases here – one involving an Indian and another a Muslim family. Would the law treat a Brit the same way; it if had happened with him? Me curious!! If yes, then of course the law must be changed. If your answer is NO, then the law is just manipulated for convenience.


  2. Bikram says:

    @Insignia:- I must say the answer is YES.. it would be same rule applied, there are a few incidents of racism like this, But there is a higher percentage that law is Fair.. SO Yes if it was a BRIT doing it he would get the same treatment.


  3. Harman says:

    I am not familiar with this kinda law in US..but all I know is that one has to defend itself even if it is to the extent of injuring someone…as its our own property and we have the right and authority for trespassers!!


  4. Insignia says:

    Well, then it really seems weird. The culprit is made the victim and the victim the culprit!!All topsy-turvy. Hmmmm the law MUST be changed. Hope they all realize their folly!!


  5. Neha says:

    gosh, it is pathetic..I dunno what else to say here..


  6. sm says:

    thanks for sharing uk law,but in uk now they have started muslim law also i have written one article regarding that you may like to read it below is post link


  7. Gaurav says:

    Same things happen in India also.But there is something more to add in Indian law,"If the criminal is a famous actor, politician, rich, etc. etc., then there are more chances of him to get less punishment"And there are innumerable example cases.


  8. HaRy!! says:

    Oh Bikramm i quite agree… i hav terrible pub trotting experiences here…! different answers to people based on ethnicity! … but then we are in their country so we need to adjust as we hav plenty of shattered laws in India i gues! wat say yu?


  9. Not wise enough to comment.


  10. BK Chowla, says:

    As you say , it is the same law which applies to all, then it needs a change.My worry is, if any politician in India learns of these episodes,he might decide to take an official study trip so that India can adopt such rules so that politicians can get away with anything.


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