Of Relations ,Life, Work, Play—- Long article :)

Posted: February 24, 2010 in Charity, Clubs, India, indians, My Thoughts., relation, Work

Lately been thinking 🙂 ok now you guys need to stop laughing just because I have been using this word a lot. I have been having a lot of thoughts coming my way, and off course I have no clue what they are… ok I hope someone somewhere might be able to tell me something about it ..

a Few weeks ago after my hockey game… Yes I know a few will raise their eyebrows, after the small procedure and HER SHOUTING AT ME… not to use it too often .. I could not resist… what going to the ground seeing the idiots do everything OTHER than play, I had to do something, So as promised to someone very dear , I will just have a warm up with the team, just to jolt the knee tell it what’s coming its way. Half time came and seeing them run like headless chicken I gave in, picked the stick walked in to have a game… it felt goood… after almost 3 weeks going on to the field , pity we lost 2 -1 but then IF Only they had given me the full 70 minutes of the game, it could be 3 -2 our way.. Tch tch tch when will they learn hain… keeping me out… does not suit them 🙂

Anyway we went to the pub for a drink, it was a home game so we are supposed to provide food and drinks after the game… it was the normal pub we go to, but only this time it was a bit empty, not many people, England’s friendly was on, hence my guess people stayed at home to watch the game. Well we had our normal drinks ordered… That’s when the talk started…

Why do people want to discuss Politics-religion when they have had a couple of drinks?

I was bemused because lately I have stopped drinking too much, I was having my glass of water while the others were doing the usual chak de, chak de…

The topic of discussion today was somehow the ways of our religious leaders, back home in India, I am not too much into such things because to me discussion on politics always makes way to an argument, Hence I kept my mind away, someone was telling how they spend some lakh rupees in India on their trip, how they have setup a Club in the village for Kabaddi/hockey for the youngsters to do something instead of smoking… (Hold on coming to the religious leaders soon)… how they have appointed two coaches paying them 10K a month each, so now he wanted us to put in 100pounds each to start with, Collect more money..

So this is where I opened my BIG GOB… for some odd reason I had to ask, Why I could not keep my mouth shut I have no clue
“Paaji what was the lakhs of rupees you spent on, according to him he has spent approx 10 lakhs”, now that is a big sum ..

(BTW as the guy was telling, I could not help noticing how the group was getting smaller, people trying to avoid and move away … I guess I did not take the hint… )

so as I said the words I got a crisp reply back saying “tun ki laina kaka, you dont know the ways how it works”.. Pardon me but I am not stupid OR AM I.

My idea was that a Staff nurse or a helping hand in villages, well in my village gets about 5k to 8k a month, so why give this coach 10k, for coming 2 hours a week, Basically I was now thinking this was all money making scheme, the guy talking did not have good reputation about it. Apparently one of the leaders had been called to the opening ceremony, Aaa ha so that’s where the money went which this guy was speaking of.

It was quiet funny to see how when I spoke I was quickly asked to shut up but a few minutes ago when the money was wanted it was so easy to ask me. My point is we are a group of people who like to play hockey why would you want to bring this in the small group, or will some people just don’t mind where to get the money.

Anyway I have a very good friend who was looking at me all this time, the moment he could, he comes over to me and says

“don’t listen to him, and don’t pay any money, this guy started a Cricket club last year.”

Oh I said.

Ah well I was being cheeky cause for some reason I wanted to know who this leader was who had come for the inauguration.

Why people do such shady deals, I mean if they want to help their village or city or for the WORST help the POOR… why not do so openly, why try to get a mileage out of everything. I mean what good is it for a person staying here in UK or maybe I am too naive to understand the ways of the world. Lucky me I guess….

I had my glass of water and some crisp… before saying my goodbye, I was feeling a few Pangs in the old knee, and I guess I over used it… OK .Now I am sure to get some bollocking over this :)… But as I got to my car I had a tap on my shoulder, turned around to see my dear friend wanting the money… he says to me
I should watch my mouth .. oops … Now the above account is AS it happened, I know hard to believe since it’s My side of story… but I can safely assume a lot people would vouch for me …

I did not know what to do

Should I retaliate? After all I am much younger then this guy, I can bet if I walloped him with full force he would go down.. And yeah

psssttttt let me show off a bit I am a blue belt in Saikado oooh yes he he he…

Anyway jokes apart… So this little incident left me a bit puzzled… I mean what did I do, 100 pounds is not a big amount but still I would like to know what I am paying for, moreover if you have done something for charity or for your own self, why would you want to collect the money. If you did spend all that money for the good, did you ask anyone, was it planned? So many questions. I work my arse off to earn, I am not saying I am poor I earn decent amount of money, but that’s not the point. I work almost 14 hours a day, for 5 days.

Should I have done something, I have been thinking, it’s getting to me every time

Was I being a chicken?

Why did I not retaliate?

Why did I not say anything, it’s not me I am more of a person who Doef it and then think..

I guess I have grown up… had my birthday on 11th so a year has helped me in doing the right thing… or it has made me a chicken… NO IDEA… Well so I guess..

Anyway put the end to story I did not pay ha ha I am sure of at least ONE person who will have a Beaming smile reading this. When I starting writing this post I had some other views but somehow while writing they changed.. So this post has come out entirely different.

  1. sangeeta says:

    Of course u werent chicken! U got ur back by not getting conned. So there!Happy Belated b'day!


  2. Insignia says:

    Hmm good you did not retaliate. You have grown wiser. Confronting doesnt work, because the opposite party would immediately defend and sleathely the blame would be on you that you are not co-operating for a noble cause. You kept quiet. Thats how it must be :-)Oh Bu'dday Boy?? Yappy Yappy Bu'dday to you Biks..belated!:-)


  3. uma says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Bikram!..Your random thoughts are quite interesting..Thanks for visiting my blog.. surely I would be posting something of your choice in future.. Enjoy Paneer night today.Cheers,


  4. Very long post!Good that you didnt pay!Needless to say all political discussions end up in arguments!


  5. BK Chowla, says:

    Good you stuck your principle of not paying up.And, universally, political and religious discussions take place only after a couple of drinks are in


  6. Harman says:

    ur article is very interesting,people in parties people end up in serious political or religious issues of India ending in an major argument..or they will keep criticizing the place or country they live ..for all the hard work they have to do..here in US..and remembering India and sulking..then moving back and forth or shuttling from India to US..they r so undecided ..hypocrites ..Anyways.."happy Belated Birthday"most of ur articles r very true ..and one can relate to similar situations …


  7. R. Ramesh says:

    hey boss thanks ya 4 yr kind words…belated bday greetings…wishes always..:)


  8. Madhu says:

    its good to shut tp sometimes…well happy Bday..u a piscean?? me too!!


  9. Neha says:

    belated happy birthday Bikram..hmmm, avoiding arguments are we? good good..ur happy birthday made u wise..cool cool :DPS: verification word – exits..humph..


  10. Bikram says:

    @Sangeeta:-Thank you .. Yes i guess i saved some money.. Can get sloshed on friday and NO Sleep 🙂 @Insignia:- Thank you.. yes i do think age is doing wonders and making me a BIT wiser.. Yeah i have started beleiving this now that it hurst people more if you do not retaliate and keep quiet… @Uma:- thank you for the comment, and i am looking forward to your next post and the paneer WAS YUMMYyyyy…


  11. Bikram says:

    @Raj:- Thank you , Yes they do .. they all end up in arguments ..@CHowla Sir:- Yeah they do .. dont they after a few drinks, there are a lot of things to discuss but why just this God knows… @Harman:-Haanji.. Parties are to be enjoyed not have arguments. Thanks for the lovely comment.@Ramesh:- Thank you.. for the lovely wishes@MAdhu:-YEs It did feel good , cause i came home without a thought , while i heard that guy was in not so good mood when he left… @NEha:- Haanji Age makes a difference tooo.. and these words come only to you… God is telling you something .. SOcho DEKHO.. ha ha ha ha


  12. Bikram says:

    Hi Everyone ..I may have given you all some wrong info, Please i am really sorry about that .. My birthday is on 11th But 11th NOVEMBER.. I am Sorry i should have put the month, then just putting the date… But Thank you all for the lovely wishes and Please note it down this year 2010.. November is just 8months to go.. So please No belated wishes ,, make sure its on the day he he he hehe take care everyone … God bless All.Thanks you and SORRY…My apologies Please


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