Sleep is bad for you

Posted: February 23, 2010 in funnies, Laugh it off, Logic, My Thoughts., Soch, Thinking

In the previous article I got some comments suggesting I should go to sleep, 🙂 .. But Sleeep is bad for u ..

Yes it is .. I have a logic behind this.. It is Quite bad ..

First Imagine its Saturday today …

Now tell me, How many times have you gone to a pub on a Friday night ..

You come home sloshed.. smiling.. In a world of your own.. Happy.. Jhooming.. Top of world.. King of World…

You slump on your bed.. if you manage to climb the stairs to your bedroom.. (best is no need to change too… dont have the thought to change he he he )

You go to sleep and You wake up


You feel like SH___ , Headache.. Nausea.. sleepy .. just feeling rotten

It was the sleep that did it .. BECAUSE

I felt great at 2am in morning last night 🙂 all I did was SLEEP

How is that for a logic…

  1. Neha says:

    hahahaha..daaru pio and jaagte raho..very nice :Dand trust me; your blog does not like me a bit..this time the verification word is blah :-S


  2. Bikram says:

    @Neha– Areee to write to blogspot people na.. and I know the reason , its because you dont come regularly ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  3. na na!Sleep after drinking , if you feel the above said things then drink again and sleep again!INDEFINITE LOOP with only fun 🙂


  4. Neha says:

    I have been tied up re…that's y guest post on my blog..though I read all the posts on google reader :Dnow it was summary..Gosh! ye blogger antaryami hai I guess 😛


  5. Bikram says:

    @Raj:- yeah i like you idea.. this way hopefully constant buzzzz 🙂 and Funnnn


  6. Bikram says:

    @Neha:- Haanji antaryami hain ms. Busy.. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING…. 🙂


  7. Insignia says:

    Good!!! Get sloshed and dont sleep!! Save yourself from coffee, lemon juice and all to get rid of hangover 😛


  8. gotto experience once how it feels after getting sloshed 😛


  9. Bikram says:

    @insignia :- lai pehle bolte ho bikram go and get some sleep-wleep .. now you saying getting sloshed is good-shood.. saves on coffee-Cuffee / coffee-shoffee lemon-shemon. Make up your mind-shind… 🙂 how is this now.. am i getting good or AM I GETTING GOOD 🙂


  10. Bikram says:

    @gayathri-vishwanathan:- Yeah always a first time for everything.. the sooner the better.. But dont sleep after that .. cause Hey SLEEP is BAD 🙂


  11. Adisha says:

    So, it's not alchohol but sleep that did it 😉 hehehee… nice diversion 🙂


  12. Harman says:

    ha..haaa haaa…Good….keep the loop intact.. weekens r for that!!!


  13. ajay says:

    I think you are telling ur own experience here.. But yesterday was Monday .. SO you been at it since friday then 🙂 Paaji.. thoda khyal karo.. Nice one I will comment on the rest later … Take care Luv u


  14. Shahid says:

    Bikram…I have another suggestion…it works for me….I eat a hell lot after i am talli…..and for some reason I feel better…try karke dekho…does it really work or is it only me


  15. sm says:

    interesting readconfused mind


  16. Madhu says:

    Uve lost it man..!! Go and SLEEP all over again!


  17. Shas says:

    He he….ye sharab ka shabab hai ;D


  18. smitzy says:

    hahahaha.. daroo piyo.. mast jiyo 🙂


  19. Insignia says:

    Hahahahaha….You are on a roll…unstoppable!!! Pehle soch rahi thi ki you are really having sleepless nights after reading your mumbo-jumbo. Then later realized you over-slept and got sloshed after reading your blah-blah!!Hahahaha….But not I have made up my mind!! You are good as you are!! Lage raho ji!!


  20. Bikram says:

    @Adisha: Thank you for the comment.. Glad you liked it … offcourse its the sleep… logic bola to 🙂 @Harman:- Haanji .. thank you .. thank you.. **BOW**@ajay :- oyeeeeee how do do.. long time no see.. so how was maldives.. FUN-SHUN , how is the lovely girl .. meri jaffi-juffi DAB ke 🙂 Love you too ..


  21. Bikram says:

    @Shahid:- Your idea is good tooo.. I will try it too.. I actually eat a lot while drinking 🙂 I shall let you know if that works..@sm :- THanks for the visit.. Now i am glad u liked it.. or it was interesteing for you .. Confused mind i dont know .. Mine is always confused.. 🙂 @Madhu :- ha ha ha yayyyyyyyyy someone recognised the trait.. I lost it yayyyyy but sleep no no.. when i can have a better time without sleeeep 🙂


  22. Bikram says:

    @Shas :- Haanji so to hai.. sharaab ka shabaab wah wah kya baat kahi hai 🙂 @smitzy :- Thanks for the comment.@Chandrika Shubham :- Thanks and 😀 Back…@Insignia :- thank you thank you.. yayyyyyyyyy as Shas said yeh to sharaab ka shabaab hai .. hence the rollllllllll he he he he


  23. BK Chowla, says:

    A good sleep after a good drink


  24. ajay says:

    Maldives was beautiful.. I will post you the dvd.. cheena is good, and jaffi-juffi deti main bade pyar naal tuhade wallon 🙂 i DID READ UR articles comment will soon.. She says hello.. How are you for 22nd to 30th april.. Or 2nd may to 9th may.. Let me know and Come online sometime .. chat with you.. laterzzz then


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