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In the previous article I got some comments suggesting I should go to sleep, 🙂 .. But Sleeep is bad for u ..

Yes it is .. I have a logic behind this.. It is Quite bad ..

First Imagine its Saturday today …

Now tell me, How many times have you gone to a pub on a Friday night ..

You come home sloshed.. smiling.. In a world of your own.. Happy.. Jhooming.. Top of world.. King of World…

You slump on your bed.. if you manage to climb the stairs to your bedroom.. (best is no need to change too… dont have the thought to change he he he )

You go to sleep and You wake up


You feel like SH___ , Headache.. Nausea.. sleepy .. just feeling rotten

It was the sleep that did it .. BECAUSE

I felt great at 2am in morning last night 🙂 all I did was SLEEP

How is that for a logic…