What is Love ?

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Love, Soch

Do you really love him/Her?


How do you know?

Is it possible to love more than one person in a romantic or sexual manner ?

A lot of people out there are bound to dither over this question, finding ways to know if they truly love the other or is it that they are just fond of them. What happens if a man and a woman, who fancy themselves in love with each other, realize that they are unable to relate to each other’s definition of love?

What would mount to love :-

I think when you would rather not live your life without the person that I am sure would mount to love.

Its when he or she are the first to come to your mind in time of grief, happiness, loneliness..

When you think of him / her even when they are not around

When his/her happiness precedes yours ..

Now I am not saying this would last a lifetime, it may be for shorter period

Regarding loving more than one person then that is possible too because people change, priorities change, different qualities emerge, different phases to loving start. At one stage you may love one kind of a person, while at another stage you may be attracted to a different person. That doesn’t mean you have to necessarily stop loving the earlier person. You could love both of them at the same time though maybe with different intensity and in different ways.

What Say 🙂

  1. Madhu says:

    Well have given a thought abt it! WHat if u love tow peopel at the same time…ur post is the answer to it!


  2. HaRy!! says:

    well I think love is POORI 😀 ..check out my blog yu'll know better!! heh heh..anyways i think it all depends on the couple…long short… first understand!! then go ahead… watdaya say !HaRy


  3. Yes you are correct!Loving both the people with different intensity and in different ways is possible!


  4. sangeeta says:

    We often talk about love in terms of feelings. I think love is an action..for me action speaks louder than words…I agree with about being able 2 love two ppl at the same time


  5. Hari says:

    "Do I love you because you're beautiful,Or are you beautiful because I love you?" – Cinderella.


  6. Insignia says:

    🙂 Your definition of people in love.,…wow!! Kudos!!And yes, it is possible for people to love more than one at the same time, but the intensity level would always differ.Man is a SOCIAL animal after all 😛


  7. Shahid says:

    A good analysis my friend…I hope ur not married or committed..and if u arre and shes reading this then I guess I know that someones sleepin on his sofa tonite!!!!!


  8. If you fight with him/her and then feel bad about it, you are in love. If you are hurt one adverse comment from his/her lips, you are in love


  9. AS says:

    hiinice thought!i feel when u are happy in his/her happiness and sad in his/her pain…its love!when u cannot stand someone insult him/her…its love!when u love him /her more than ur own life and career…its love!when his/her smile makes u forget all the problems…its love!!PS: I loved ur profile pic..that dolphin is choo chweet!


  10. smitzy says:

    The whole debate went kind of overhead transmission with me. Are you implying to ask whether a person can be in love with two individuals at the same time? Well, they MAY, off course it would be more time consuming to entertain both the individuals, the stress on the purse nonwithstanding :DHumor aside, yes it is possible for a person to be in love with two individuals. The reasons to have fallen in love with TWO people can be entirely different from the other.A girl always yearns for the perfect guy. He needs to have a list of attributes. But we know guys are not all perfect. So she settles with the guy having MOST of the qualities she needs. She calls him her boyfriend/lover/husband. The guy who comes second on the list of attributes becomes the best guy-friend. She loves both of them but with a different intensity and in different relations.Nice article. And thankfully, your gf doesnt live with u, nai to sofa hi dikhai deta ;)Congrats on getting picked by blogadda too!!


  11. BK Chowla, says:

    No one can love two individuals at the same time.I am not talking of sex-talking of love.One may think that one is in love with two, but one is love and with the other it is may be attraction, may be infatuation may a way of teasing the one whom you really love.


  12. Bikram says:

    @Madhu:- THank you.. you telling me something here ha ha ha ha 🙂 You got two he he he , Ok sorry sorry Bad joke. and yeah i got the TOW – to be TWO 🙂 @HAry:- I saw ur article yesss POORI IT IS 🙂 @Raj:- Thanks a lot mate for the comment.@Sangeeta:- I am totally with you, for me too ACTIONS speak louder then words for sure always have..


  13. Bikram says:

    @Hari:- hmmm Tricky.. But i can understand , because My girl friend is the most beautiful because I love her.. (i thought this is a good way of doing some Masaka on her, she might actually read the comment).. you see got to be clever too sometimes.. Thanks for the comment and visiting.. hardly see you here 🙂


  14. Bikram says:

    @Insignia:- Thank you .. thank you.. **Bowing down ** and Taaaliyaaaaaaaaaan .. oye thats sexist MAn is social animal.. WOMAN too are 🙂 sirf MAN nahin 🙂 he he he he


  15. Bikram says:

    @Shahid:- Thank you.. Lai.. I AM NOT AFRAID my friend.. I am a man .. I dont care .. So what if she reads.. and why would i go lie on a sofa.. I got a spare bedroom HE HE HE HE ok ok shhhhhhhhhhhhhh i was just trying to show off here 🙂 Hope she doesnot read it now 🙂


  16. Bikram says:

    @The holy lama:- YEs truly said, thats what love is .. to put each other in front always and all the time.. cause end of the day , its you TWO who stand by each other … @AS:- YEs very true when u are happy in his/her happiness and sad in his/her pain…its love! I agree with every point you have made. and thank you thank you for like the pic.. and why just the dolphins .. the guy in the pic with them is also chweeeet !!!!!!!! 😦 he he he


  17. Bikram says:

    @Smitzy:- Oh teri itna bada comment.. wah wah .. kamaaaal .. I did not look at it in the TIME CONSUMING context hmmm a nice point to bring up. PERFECT GUY or PErfect GIRL.. where are they.. have you found any.. No one is perfect and you too sounding sexist now like @Insignia 🙂 sirf guys hi kyun.. LAi you too saying my Gf will show the Sofa whyyyyyyyyyy As i told earlier I got a spare bedroom, with a nice king size bed, a nice matress , pillows etc etc .. so not to worry 🙂


  18. Bikram says:

    @Chowla sir:- you too saying right.. I am confused now.. I have agreed with others too. but reading ur comment also sounds correct 🙂 Oh or maybe teasing the one we really love.. I should try that then sometime 🙂 thank you


  19. Tulika says:

    Love is when you can't look beyond the one.Love is that makes you complete.Loves is ultimate joy of life.It is being yourself with the other.Love is profound friendship!


  20. Adisha says:

    I agree… It makes all the very sense to be capable of lvoing two people at the same time… Though would be much safer to Be with them one after the other… But then again feelings are like energy… They cant just disappear, they change with time …


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