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What is Love ?

Posted: February 19, 2010 in Love, Soch

Do you really love him/Her?


How do you know?

Is it possible to love more than one person in a romantic or sexual manner ?

A lot of people out there are bound to dither over this question, finding ways to know if they truly love the other or is it that they are just fond of them. What happens if a man and a woman, who fancy themselves in love with each other, realize that they are unable to relate to each other’s definition of love?

What would mount to love :-

I think when you would rather not live your life without the person that I am sure would mount to love.

Its when he or she are the first to come to your mind in time of grief, happiness, loneliness..

When you think of him / her even when they are not around

When his/her happiness precedes yours ..

Now I am not saying this would last a lifetime, it may be for shorter period

Regarding loving more than one person then that is possible too because people change, priorities change, different qualities emerge, different phases to loving start. At one stage you may love one kind of a person, while at another stage you may be attracted to a different person. That doesn’t mean you have to necessarily stop loving the earlier person. You could love both of them at the same time though maybe with different intensity and in different ways.

What Say 🙂