Me being Philosophical — Bad idea. This is on Religion :(

Posted: February 17, 2010 in Angry, My Thoughts., Religion, Soch

My day usually begins at 6AM when the alarm goes off, bzzz bzzz ting tong… bzz bzz ting tong It is annoying and I keep the alarm away on the table so I have to get up to switch it off , else I would go back to sleep. I reach the gym about 6:30 and pass my time, showing off, trying to do some exercises. On the way back I visit Gurudwara Sahib, sit and listen to the baani. These days they have someone explaining the meaning of each line written in the holy Granth sahib.

I usually sit for 5 -10 minutes listening, trying to get into the good books of God :), I am not very religious, but today something got my attention, the guy was trying to say that the best way to get into the good books is to do SEVA of god. By sea he meant helping in the Langar, cleaning, feeding the sangat and various other jobs that we can do in the Gurudwara sahib.

He gave a example that When Guru Amar Das Ji before he became Guru was sevadar of Guru Angad Dev ji, He use to get up early morning every day even at the age of 72 walk the distance to Beas (one of the rivers in Punjab), Get water, bring back warm it, for Guru ji’s bath and this according to the person reciting was one of the SEVA Guru Amar das ji did.

But is it really this that will make God happy, do we seriously think it to be true, I seriously don’t think this alone can do it, what about WHATS in your heart or Mind. Sometimes I try to sit and listen to the path, close my eyes to listen with full concentration, but it only lasts a few seconds before lots of useless thoughts start to come in mind, that’s human nature I think.

So by doing seva at gurudwara sahib, will all my bad deeds be rectified, I don’t think so, if it was, then all you need to do is do a bad deep and then go and do seva. There’s got to be more than that. Will god not be happy if we are a good person, go about doing our work without hurting anyone, helping others if we can? It should not be that we have to go to a religious place to do something to get God.

My thoughts are continuously questioned a person is poor can’t earn money, I give him some money from the goodness of my heart, I have done a good deed helping him, He goes, spends that money on drugs, goes home beats his wife, kids or worse… Who is responsible Him or Me… If he did not have money this would not have happened… I gave… it happened so was it a good deed…

So in the end WHAT IS A GOOD DEED, WHAT IS SEVA… that we could do for our salvation…? I see people each day in morning saying “waheguru waheguru” loudly , then touching every shoe , cleaning them, doing various other things, Then the moment they come out of Gurudwara Sahib one can hear them “F-ing”, smoking, drinking, few of them are WIFE BEATERS, treat their Wife’s so bad, I am not making this up, I know for a FACT.

Come election times in the Gurudwara Sahib the same people come brandishing swords, shouting slogans, the person reciting and speaking himself was one of them, This also I know for a fact, Cause I was there when it happened, Police had to enter the premises with shoes on.

So coming back to the point what should a person do for salvation, to please the almighty, what is SEVA in modern days TODAY. Do the same rituals still hold? Will me helping in Langar, or cleaning shoes or cleaning the carpets etc constitute as SEVA…

Just a thought……

  1. Insignia says:

    🙂 Its OK being different for a day. Any good deed, which could bring a smile on someone's face…the satisfaction we get out of it. That itself is a boon!! We experience heaven right there! This is my personal view 🙂


  2. BK Chowla, says:

    SEVA is what you decide ,what your heart and mind tells you.Don't worry who says and does what. We are not here to fix the mind set of some silly jokers.I am not a Sikh, but I am a regular to Gurudwara.Any one who goes to a mandir or Gurudwar,knows exactly what is SEVA.Just do exactly what your heart tells you.


  3. Srishti says:

    I say excellent. :)For me, Seva is more about helping others than pleasing God.i obviously don't know what it means in religious contexts, but I do believe that help all you can, help the people for they are God's children.Just help and God will automatically be happy. 🙂


  4. Seva hmm..I dont know what this means!anyway if I should say pray to god but need not touch the feet of baba's around the world!If you cant help people dont help but dont make something that they will suffer!On the whole do everything according to rules! it helps 99 percent!


  5. Dharmjit says:

    u r really very constructive person as thoughts like these came to u.but lemme tell u my views.i think we should follow what religion tells or holy books tells and upto my knowledge all speaks about the welfare of humanity and whenever u r in some trouble or in confusion just listen to the voice of ur heart honestly it will always lead u to the right path .and we all know very well what gives us true happiness thats all u should know nothing else or what others are talking about not matters


  6. It's all in the mind. I believe the way to salvation is to begin by thinking no evil. Wishing no one no harm. Like you said, if a person does seva in the morning, goes home and starts gossiping, feels jealous of his/her prospering neighbour, prays for something bad to happen to someone, then he/she is getting nowhere close to God. I think the key to goodness is goodness itself. I can't think of anything else. :)A very insightful post, Bikram 🙂


  7. smitzy says:

    A criminal does murder, slaughter and all bad things in the day and goes to the mandir at night to be absolved of all sins. So that once he does the pooja and the seva, he's a CLEAN man once again. Off course the next morning he's back to his usual work.If one is doing the seva just for the heck of it, to get in the good books of God, well that is for their peace of mind. But then, God is all-knowing, he's ever watchful. He knows what the person is upto at every point of time.Any act of kindness towards another person or animal or anything should be SELFLESS. That would be the apt definition of SEVA.This was a nice thought provoking post. keep it up!


  8. Madhu says:

    well tell u what..such things are beyond my understanding capabilities..those works done to please others is so seriously effing bad..i mean whats the point?/ SEVA is nothing but doing something good,with the INTENTION to do it…not abt being hypocritical in thoughts and words!


  9. Seva means serving others without asking and expecting anything in return.


  10. Seva at the Gurudwara have always inspired me. Most of them do it selfless. As for what may happen to a good deed like giving money to poor is a different thing. If you that the person will misuse, don't give it and if you did it unknowlingly, you are not responsible. The types of seva changes over time, but some things make traditions. We all need roots to grow. We can grow and eextend shade to more people.Never think of money given. Think you just dined at a swank restaurant.


  11. Neha says:

    feed those who have to sleep hungry even after slogging for the whole day; pay for the education of a poor kid; help those who are physically disabled, spend time with orphans, AIDs patients, people living in old age home; that's Seva..I can mention ten more things; but I do not intend to write a post in your comment box.. 🙂


  12. Harman says:

    ..when we are doin any kinda help it salvation or seva in Gurudwara or any kinda help to needy..n if it is misused not Us but the person who misuses it is responsible.. Our motive shld be good.. ..Rest.. Almighty .. leave it to him!!


  13. maxmayur says:

    Seva for is is a selfless gratitude shown to any one who needs it.It can be in any form or matter


  14. The Survivor says:

    I'll go with Oscar Wilde on what he says about god“People fashion their God after their own understanding. They make their God first and worship him afterwards.”


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