Blogging – THANK YOU ALL

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Blogging, Friends, People, Thank you, Thinking

I feel on top of the world and humbled by the response on my earlier article, I was mad angry, pissed, whatever you can say .. I wrote that and put it there, I was actually going to take it off.. But then the comments came and it felt great , I am really so much overwhelmed by the concern and love, by my blog-Friends, Some have not left the comments but emailed me..

(pssst :- leave a comment instead of email, just want to show off with all those comments he he he hehe 🙂 )

Its so strange I have not met anyone of you guys, and other than the blog comments, emails have not interacted too with many. I live on a different continent then most of you guys, Its really been a amazing experience here on my blog.

A very beautiful person introduced me to blogging, and now after the initial few bad times, I have met so many, Blogging has sort of become a integral part now. All you guys have made the experience a special one, I just wish I could personally say thanks to all and everyone who gave my blog a thought and stopped for a second thinking.

I would like to name each one of you, But I am not gonna because everyone is important (actually don’t want to forget someone he he he he )

Thank you guys. I am privileged to know you all.. All those who visit my blog THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Love you loads .. take care and God bless you all…

  1. Sangeeta says:

    That's downright honest and very sweet..


  2. So sweet of you Bik!!God bless you!!We are living somewhere but internet connects us all! Thanks to internet these days, as it is giving some good friends 🙂


  3. Gaurav says:

    "Blogging connects good people"And I'm happy to be connected to good people (like you).Never stop blogging, Bik!


  4. BK Chowla, says:

    It is good to see good people like you connect to good people on good blogs.Take care.


  5. Madhu says:

    thats so damn effing this acknowledgment will sure bring us more to ur blog..other than the honest writing ofcourse!!


  6. Dharmjit says:

    very true bikram.i also came to blogging world recently as told by my friend and yes ofcourse it is the best platform to meet similar thinking people


  7. Harman says:

    Nice to see u back happy..n full of life!!!Net is for that to make frds around the globe!!!


  8. hello.. thats vry sweet of u.. and yes blogosphere is such a gud place and i hv learnt a lot on this and still learning..I hv made sum vry gud frnds on here.. so its jst a rocking place..keep rocking..keep blogging..


  9. Insignia says:

    Oh my God!! Someone is alive and kicking!! :-DThat was really sweet of you. So thoughtful that you published a post to thank everyone. What else are friends for? Virtual or blog or online…friends are friends :-)Take care


  10. Neha says:

    see I told you last time that you are nice and you questioned me how do I know doesn't this post prove my point?


  11. Madhav says:

    Your Good Post makes your blog popular and its really nice to visit your blogs.


  12. Yemiledu says:

    Hello!!Blogging is a great remedy to bring that feel-good-factor to self..isn't it.Blogging helps me to be sane..hmm :)And I tried to kill your fish by overfeeding them but seems like you starved them for long..they ate and ate and ate..but din't die…LOL;~) Have a good time:)


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