VISA for Mumbai

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Angry, My Thoughts., Soch, Thinking

Have been reading some news for the last few days, Heard how UK embassies have closed taking Student applications due to the Mad rush to come over to uk. Its sad to see the state of Mumbai where common man is not safe.

It was funny to read Shiv sena’s idea of stopping the IPL players from australia to play in mumbai , because of the racism attacks on indians .. Can I please ask a few questions

1. Indians under racist attack in Australia do they mean normal Indians or Indians from Mumbai or Maharashtrians

2. By Maharashtrians Do you mean By birth

3. If by birth then do they mean to parents who live in Maharashtra

4. Will the By Birth quote include Maharashtrians who have settled in different states

5. Maharashtrians who have settled in different states of India (of which Maharashtra is suppsoed to be a part  I am guessing here.. Sorry if i am wrong.. From news it seems to be independent country) Do they Or Should they loose the right to be called Maharashtrians ?

6. Some Maharshtrians who live out of maharshtra ( I know of Two , and they will KILL ME FOR THIS 🙂 ,  Abhi and Kunal Tum dono to gaye , baba re.. Pitaji ka makaan or showroom to gaye aapke) , they dont know marathi, Should I ask them never to visit Maharshtra Because this is one of the things, They should know Marathi.

7. And Please help needed here, Please please , UK govt has made some written exams compulsory to pass for different criterias, Can you please start this andolan that Since some indians living here in Uk may be from maharashtra , The UK GOVT should have the exams in Marathi. That way a few like me , might get the benefit for they may also have exams in Punjabi. What say…

8. I read a comment from shiv sena member that “More than 50 lakh locals here are unemployed. We are fighting for their rights. ” said Shirish Parker, MNS MLA..
                    What rights are those ?
Unemployement is all over the country, So Mr Parker why dont you ask the Maharashtrians settled out of maharashtra to pack there bags and Come back to there homeland, make some job oppurtunities in other states.

I am just curious to know, Since I need to travel to Mumbai, Would the visa I have to visit India hold to visit mumbai. Dont want to fall on the wrong side of Shiv Sena or other parties. I hope I would not need a VISA to come to mumbai.

What is Going on, How can all the parties stoop to such a level of dirty politics, they even brought in the martyrs of 26/11,  HOW DARE THEY even say anything like this with context to the martyrs, bringing them into there dirty politics .. When will this stop..

As my father said “KYA BANEGA IS DESH KA “……….

Visa for Mumbai , As in this blog we as citizens of India need to do something NOW.. to bring back mumbai to india.. else soon we will loose this city for good …

  1. Insignia says:

    It is ridiculous, isn't it? They have been claiming Mumbai belongs only to Maharashtrians. And you have asked just right!! 1. Are their kids learning only Marathi only, no Hindi or English2. Are they using products made only in maharashtra? 3. Are they eating only crops grown in Maharashtra?4. Is the family physican Maharashtrian?It can go on and on……Hope these people get back to their senses….


  2. Gaurav says:

    Being a Maharashtrian, I feel very sad. These political parties are doing such ridiculous acts.Such parties should be banned (in my opinion) because they are creating a rift between Maharashtrians and Indians.Shiv Sena, MNS, Raj Thakre, all SUCK!


  3. Madhu says:

    it is super ridiculous.The Shiv Sena have made the IPL into an Indian Publicity League..they don't seem to get enough of what they are doin…Religious/linguist fanatics they are…in would have ripped thier head off if i happened to be in their vicinity area!!


  4. Neha says:

    Bikram, you have invited post about language is still getting comments..80+ so far and still good luck buddy..we all know what's right and what's wrong..just one example i want to you know; Raj Thakrey's son opted for french as an optional subject while other options were MARATHI, hindi and Gujarati?such hypocrites imposing Marathi as a language?


  5. BK Chowla, says:

    My post on a similar subject is also getting good comments flow.All I can say is that we need to hang our heads in shame.


  6. HaRy!! says:

    i just pity some poor maharshtrians…who get blamed for baseless sena acts!! now SRK in soup as well!!


  7. smitzy says:

    LOL nice post :)It boils my blood literally to think of the hypocracy that prevails in the dictacts of MNS and their chamchas. At this stage, I'm afraid the next demand (read: threat) they would make is create a separate NATION for maharashtra, where undoubtedly Shiv Sena would be the one and only party and Thackarey would be the President cum Prime Minister cum Home minister cum etc, etc.Brilliant post, if you don't mind, I'd like to send this as an email to some friends 🙂


  8. Harman says:

    An excellent post!!its a deliberate way to split the country into many parts,.Sad!!! we dont need enemies ..our own people are enough to rip the states!!


  9. Dharmjit says:

    i dont know wat these people want,these are people letting india behind the other countries.but one thing i can say for sure that shiv sena or mns is at the end, people are very much intelligent and know that these people only want to remain in touch in media as nobody cares about them u must know the idiom said in punjabi that diva bujhan tu pehla jyada phadkda(or somthing) hai so as as the case with mns or shivsena


  10. Durga says:

    :-|I am with you on VISA point… and i am tired of reasoning out " why are we bufurcation geographic location on basis of political sense"Long live SivSena 😐


  11. Bikram says:

    @Insignia :- yeah these questions need to be asked, cause this politicians are taking each and every person for a ride, the worst thing is that there are so many EDUCATED people who are working with them, now how bad can it be. What was the use of education for these people who talk such rubbish things.@Gaurav:- I know your frustration, we felt the same when we were growing up in the turbulant times of sikh terrorism in punjab, every sikh was looked upon as a terrorist. but the thing is terrorism was stopped with a heavy hand, should the indian govt not do the same with these people who are divinding the country. @Madhu:- 🙂 no dont do that , dont take law in your hands then whats the difference between you and them. @Neha:- kahan trouble, you have OUTSHONE everyone, you are the number one ha haha 80+ comments i saw .. you'r the one 🙂 the thackerays are on Make or Break stage, so they are doing there best to be in media. The problem is us common people we are getting sucked into there dirty politics… @Chowla sir;- thansk for the comment really appreciated.Yes we indeed need to hang out head down.. shame for each and every indian and to all people who say they love there country .. @Hary:- thanks for visitng , Well dont agree with SRK in soup or not, i dont like bollywood people as such they will do anything for a bit of publicity@Tripat :- yeah u r right there. I agree with you. and when a person goes mad what we d owith them is put them in a mental hospital, so they dont harm others , need to d othe same with this party too.


  12. Bikram says:

    @Smitzy:- maybe thats his plan. Thanks for the comment@Harman:- Thank you harman, yeah it is sad the thought we are our own enemies.@Dharmjit:-Well no body knows what these people want it seems that way..Hopefully what u say is right these parties are at there END. God willing they will vanish..@Durga:- Long live shivsena.. hey at least if we have to take Visa then imagine how much revenue will be collected. More money for the Babus…


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