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Monday Blues.. 25 points

Posted: January 25, 2010 in 25 Points

I really like the idea of writing a few lines or points on how the day went , its a good way to keep a tag and also updating the blog , keepin regular on the system. There area lot of people doing it..

1. Monday sucks big time , office should start later on mondays since after a nice lay in on sunday it becomes a big problem to get up and reach work.

2. Its been a drag of a day today, Man I pulled my hair and almost banged my head into the wall today.

3. How do you know what the person was thinking when they were writing the lines, I got a funny reply from a collegue today , who said , She knows exactly what Ms. “A” was writing when she was typing a spec for a program to be written. How can they do that, then i got to know that it was just common sense.. Man where was my common sense cause to me in simple english it meant something completely different.

The spec said

Print Hours Total , Money total, Grand Total if Sort be selected is Department.

Now to me in simple english it means two things

A. print the Hours
Print the Money

And if Sort by department is selected Print the Grand Total for all other conditions leave the grand total.

B. All the three Totals to be printed only if Sort is Department Else Dont.

Now I may be wrong , completely off my hook here but it was a surprise to know that I did not click what Ms “A” was typing when she wrote the spec.

5. Weekend has been busy oh man had a hectic weekend, well to be precise since friday 6Pm to sunday 5Pm, its been hectic, I had what is called PST training, personal safety training. We have to do it every year cause we are officially allowed to hit people legally, so we have to pass it, I managed to get through, Thank god.

Oh well I was being modest here, I saw a blog where 25 points were written , I thought I could do the same OH man its so difficult to do …find 25 points in a day .. I have only managed 5.. Lets se when I get to the point where i can write 25 points … Seems to me would be a big big task.