Age-Feel Like doing something MAD.

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Age, Do Something Mad., Feeling Funny, random, Road trip

I still imagine myself to be 20-24, I feel like living doing what,I want to , like I did when I was in my college time

Wanted to fly….. did it ( gliding and then the Flying

Wanted to be a good at sports – I been in nationals for hockey

Wanted to visit places — work in progress, been to Spain-America-Canada-Australia- Brussels- Dubai etc etc.

Wanted to do a few of the dangerous sport activities- Bungee jumping, parachuting, skydiving.. done a few of those

Then came the still moment, People have this notion once you start working , you will become independent , do this and that.. but its not that way.. as you grow responsibilities grow, priorities change , looking at the world differs, things which mattered than .. Don’t matter NOW. My situation was same after college a few things happened which brought me to UK and settle down here.

All those dreams we had, all friends will take up a job in same company and have fun but it was not to be. I am average person. Everyone or well most people are confident in themselves to a level, but there is always self doubt, should I do this or that , will I be successful, am I doing the right thing. I have my doubts at times. I also long for what everyone longs for Love, caress, appreciation, (you guys reading this write a comment HOW GOOD IT IS.. yes go on please please please .. he he hehe )

The other day I was invited for a birthday party, Now I had always thought of this person to be much older than me , i thought he was in 40’s, just the way he moved about and behaved he was an uncle type person. I was shocked to know that he was 31 that day, Blimey.. ooops If he looked like this now wonder how he will be when he is actually 40’s. I am elder to him so i asked him what did he think of me , Do I look in 40’s uncle types . he smiled and walked away. Now what do i take that to be.

(psst I am not putting my Pic on the BLOG, I mean a better one .. cause i know of a few evil people smiling , nodding there head.. to say YES I LOOK LIKE THAT.. Yes I mean you .. so stop smiling and read on and don’t ask for the pic. 🙂 )

So I was saying I feel like doing that all over again, I am a very active person as such regular to the gym, hockey at weekends and yes Less of Daroo which us punjabis love to drink.

I want to go to Disneyland in Florida.. Oh yes I do .. its nothing of being childish .. every person has a child hidden in them.. I do want to go and do it some day …

Visit the Niagara falls.

The one thing I am dieing to do is go on a Safari in Africa , in a Hot air balloon, Imagine the drift flying u over and then in the middle of it Pffft Pfffft Pfffft oooops the engine or whatever it is stops … and you are slowing going down.. down .. you look down .. GUESS what .. A PRIDE is watching with those sweet innocent eyes , tongues hanging out , occasionaly slurping with the thought of fresh MAN MEAT .. YUMMY .. .

(all those who don’t know a PRIDE is a family of a Lion with lots of lioness LUCKY LION. oops did I offend someone .. ok ok Sorry everyone knows what a Pride is 🙂 ).

I also want to do white water rafting…

Another thing i want to do is drive all the way to India, Yes , Get a Toyota land-cruiser or a range rover , drive it all the way to India.. that I have always in my dreams thought of, at some stages actually had serious talks with a group of maniacs like me to do it , we just did not have that much money to buy the cars , else we just might have done it .. Just imagine .. wow.. I am getting a adrenalin rush just thinking about it… A road trip exploring various places around the world, Turkey, istanbul, syria, Greece, Italy,Iran, Austria, Pakistan.. imagine the amazing places. I know a lot of people have done it so why not do it myself, I have been going through a lot of blogs of people who have done it, ONE DAY GOD WILLING I TOO WILL.

More maybe next time .. What about you people out there anything ….

  1. NoFaIrYtAlE says:

    omg..u got sum wild dreams :)wot does age matter..u r young at heart 🙂


  2. Harman says:

    dreams come true, they r actually.. words written in the book of soul,focus and u will be very close to them …age is no bar.. its matter of will power.. …. u sound like a kid ,somewhere in some paragraphs..but then we all are kids at heart when it comes to our dreams.. nice..pst!!!


  3. Gaurav says:

    Yes, you will."Does age matter?"I don't think so.


  4. Insignia says:

    way to go!! What are you waiting for? You know, aging is all on the mind. There's no age limit to visit Disneyland or Niagara or playing in a pool of mud.We all have a child within us. All the very best. 🙂


  5. Dharmjit says:

    hey u r the man with full of life.and may ur future dreams also come true.we should always dream if also we dont know how to achieve that or what is the way that leads to fulfilling it.because the path came out from nowhere.and also my frnds dont always dream of grls rather dream of something better


  6. So you are over 31 years of age cool.. that doesnt matter!!I am happy today that there are people in the world who think like me :)your dreams will come true its just matter of time when you are travelling through road in India, then let me know :)!!


  7. BK Chowla, says:

    There is never an age for anything one wants to do.One must listen to one's heart and apply one's mind.


  8. Bikram says:

    NoFaIrYtAlE:- Thanks a lot, Yes i agree whats age got to do with it all, and yeah my ideas are a bit wild.. but hey you only live ONCE.. so might as well make the best of it.. Though i must say the sky dive in australia was the best thing to have happen it was Exhilarating…


  9. Bikram says:

    Harman:- Yayyyy i hope mine too comes true.. It would be great doing all this .. Oh yess We all have a kid in us all.Gaurav:- Yes mate , age has nothing to do with it. I am not that OLD btw 🙂 he he he Insignia :- Yes .. I am waiting for lets see, Leave from Work.. Money too.. Yes abhi to main jawan hoon 🙂 and thanks for the wishes.. Dharmjit:- Yes my friend , If we wont dream then how will they get true.. So what do you dream of.Raj:- I wish i was 31 , it would have been so great.You think like that wow, So what are your dreams … Thank you for the wishes, oh yes they will with so many good wishes… Next time I am in India i will definitely let you know promise … Chowla Sir :- Yes truly said.. there is never an age for anything one wants to do. I will try to apply my mind and god willing fulfill a few Thanks a ton for the lovely wishes everyone and the beautiful comments…


  10. Shas says:

    U sure have a crazy streak.Age is no bar to realise ur dreams (except a few). All the best for them.


  11. Bikram says:

    @Shas : Thanks for visiting my blog, much appreciated. Thanks for the wishes god willing one day will zoooon by the dusty road to india 🙂


  12. smitzy says:

    Age is just a number baby. When you are young at heart numbers don't really matter do they 🙂 And the plans you have, god willing you will achieve them too sometime very soon in the future.Life with you would be very adventurous indeed 🙂


  13. […] wishes about visiting Disney Land and the Niagara Falls and driving all the way to […]


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