Where are you from ? A RANTTTTTTTTTTTT

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Funny Life, Hurts, India, indians, My Thoughts., Proud to be indian., Racism, random, Rant, Soch, Thinking

Beware this is gonna be a RANT.. and I am not in a good mood today, took me hour and half to reach work.. roads are icy.. and people dont know how to drive ahhhhhhh!!!!

I am sick and tired of this phrase. Especially when a fellow Indian asks me that question… Don’t get me wrong… its fair enough if a white guy asks me that… He does not know because for him all brown skin people are the same…

But when an Indian asks me I usually reply from where you are….

This is a common thing you enter a pub, if you meet someone for first time they will be like

“Kehda pind hai apna” (what village are you from)…

Reply- “Muktsar”…

Malwai hain ke Majhe da … (these are areas in Punjab; it is divided into areas… MALWA – DOAB- MAJHA etc)

I must say when I was in India I did not have a clue about this, but here in UK it is like that, further divisions nation-state-area… I bet it’s gonna go to neighbourhood too 🙂

So I have no idea what Muktsar falls under still… Depending on the area you are from, the circle you sit changes a lot especially in pubs or wedding halls.

I would like to reply to these people when they ask me Where am I from That

” Sat samundaron paar mera sohna watan

jida mishri warga paani
jithe zare zare which pyar

Yaar main uthon da
Jithe Jamiya Bhagat Singh Sardar

Does it matter where I from am?

Will it make me a better or bad person depending on the area?

OH YES… dont smile or think I have gone mad writing this… It does matter because it really is a big issue here in UK, among the Asian (Indian) community… I was surprised when “M” (short for Muthu) a friend from Tamil-Nadu found out that I was actually from Punjab, don’t know what he was thinking I was from originally, I guess a lot of people in south have names like Bikramjit SINGH 🙂 (Ok that was sarcy)… but If I am from Punjab does it make me a bad person or what… He stopped coming to my house, stopped taking my calls.

Till I was “BIK” it was fine, later I got to know from his girl friend who worked in the same office as me, that his parents were Brahmins, since I ate meat they had aked there son to stay away from me.. These are the same parents who stayed in my house for two months when there Son could not afford to buy a house and was living on rent, Why was he stupid enough to get his parents over dont ask me ?… I mean that’s hypocracy.. He went to pubs with me to drink… Here I must say he was/is ok with white people, I see him now and then in pubs with that group and its ok cause gora’s eat beef and Beef is not meat and not at all against his religion :).

I am really surprised in today’s day and age this sort of racism still exists, wonder how it is in India.

The problem with meat, I must laugh, here at McDonalds we get cheese burgers, If you ask for a cheese burger, it has a slice of MEAT in it, that meat is BEEF… So Mr. “M” has gone with me a hundred times for a quick bite, ordering cheese burgers… where did the religion go then eating all that Beef.

I really find it funny. If it is to be thought in region way then Punjab has always been higher in the chain, I belong to a JATT/Sikh which if I am not wrong was martial race equivalent to Kshatriya’s So I am higher in the chain in that sense too. So why would it be a problem to be friendly with me. This is not just my story I am sure it happens to a lot others too or has happened, I was chatting with another mate who is in chicago , he too had the same views, he was a bit over dramatic and said dont be friends with anyone other then same caste, same religion, same region.. But thank god I am not like that.. I feel all Humans are equal END OF.

I mean Mr. “M” when you bought your first car and borrowed money from me to pay for it, should you not have thought about asking which area I belong to at that time, the money was tainted.

It’s really sad that living in a foreign place we are so divided, we don’t find this in Pakistani community they stick together whatever region they are from, but Us Indians it is Punjab-south-north-east… Sikh-Hindu-Muslim Jatt-Majhbi-Brahmin
poor-rich etc etc etc…

Ah well I guess I have had my Rant for the day.. so I should shutup maybe there is something wrong with me , I am from Punjab not from India..

  1. Gaurav says:

    There is a problem with most of Indians. They get influenced very quickly.If someone (like Raj Thakray) asks them to hate some region or religion, they start doing that shit without giving it a second thought.And thats the reason for our country being underdeveloped.Atleast I am not among those Indians.


  2. Smita says:

    nice post!! Feels good to see not just me is frustrated and looking fwd to VENT out :)well like they say better out than in


  3. Neha says:

    Bikram, this is the case in India too..people want to know who you are, what is your caste etc. I am a gujju married to a south indian..so I face this even more in both the sides of the family..so pathetic na.. can't we be just individuals?


  4. BK Chowla says:

    We in India specialise in such acts and speech.Isn't the same in India?Are we not being divided between caste, religion and region?Thanks to the mental state of our political class,such situation will remain.


  5. Insignia says:

    We are more divided in India…no surprise. a mother disowns the wife and children of her son and just because he married out of caste. How cruel is that? In southern part of India, in the most modern city – Bangalore – people form groups on language, caste and what not!! And these are well educated people!No hope!


  6. Bikram says:

    @gaurav – yeah it is a problem. I ma glad you are not like that.


  7. Bikram says:

    @Smita:- thank you .@Neha:- yeah We shud shed this caste or region or religion stuff, as such every religion teaches us to be one, yet we dont follow the basic religions preach. @Chowla sir haanji its a pity though. WE have such a huge country with such a vast HUGE heritage and all is going to waste becuase of differences. @Insignia:- Oh I did not know it was this bad, I had a different view of bangalore. Thanks for the comment.Thank you all .. do keep visiting


  8. Insignia says:

    Oops, no! I am sure what you perceive about Bangalore is just right. What I meant to say was that there are such narrow minded people all around. The education, the open culture nothing …changes them 🙂


  9. wise donkey says:

    stupidity has no borders..instead of thinking of him as a South Indian , think of him as a Stupid Indian..


  10. Haha!! I have experienced that too…Indians for some reason are very curious as to 'where you are from'. I was born in Bombay but I'm a Tamilian. Not something I advertise. But if Indians ask me where I'm from and I say Bombay…they immediately go…'Oh you don't look like a Maharashtrian'!!! And then I have to bloody explain that my family is Tamilian. But it doesn't end there…then I get "Oh but you don't sound like a Tamilian"!!! WTF?! I had that back in India and here when I've met a few Indians. The Aussies on the other hand are fine just knowing I am from Bombay. However, I notice that when people ask me now where I'm from…I end up saying the name of my suburb here! 😛


  11. Hari says:

    Indians have asked me that question a thousand times in the United States. Nice rant!


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