Am I Jinxed

Posted: January 7, 2010 in Angry, Life, My Thoughts., random, Sudden

I was reading a post from one of my favorite writers, where she mentioned about life coming back to a Circle after the holiday season got over. The late sleeping-getting up late just relaxing… Anyway

I have been feeling since a lot of time that I am jinxed or something cause mishaps – one of those things – knocks – accidents etc happen a lot with me, as we know the weather has been playing havoc here in UK, it’s not the weather but I think people have forgotten how to drive in such weather, have become less patient driving especially people with these luxury cars, sports cars they think they can cut in, drive fast basically do what they want to even on these treacherous conditions.

I have a sports car but I don’t do this ( OK now I know I am being modest about this ), no really I don’t, I do speed yes cause that’s the reason why I bought the car, but I know when not to. Anyway so there is me today morning woke up, the usual morning chores got ready for work, the roads were icy, the car was snowed under, cleared the pathway, put some hot water on the windscreens to get the ice off, started the car to warm up, while I watched tele to check on the news, nothing was reported .. So I set off, visited the gurudwara sahib on way, and hit the motorway. I have been starting off half hour early these days to cater for conditions.

Merrily driving listening to some punjabi music got the signs about an accident on the motorway at junction 5… Phewww I get off at junction 4 Saved… the slip road leading off the motorway was jam-packed, I thought maybe everyone is wanting to get off because of accident, So I got off, traffic lights go green, turn right to my dismay the exit I take was jam-packed, it was stand-still.. I am in the middle lane, carried on to take the third exit back to the motorway to go the long way to work.

Now there is a Set of lights to enter the roundabout, then another set of lights to leave the second exit (which is mine) and the Third set of lights to take the third exit to go back to motorway, HOW easy can it be OR how difficult can it be, anyway there I am Now in the FIRST lane to turn left easy peasy.. OH NO it is not cause there is MR. ARSEHOLE with his flashing two door Merc, who thinks so what if he is in the middle lane, he can put his foot down on the accelerator, cut me off, what is or was the rush I don’t have a clue, to his bad luck since I got a sports car mine also probably accelerates at same speed, So this Mr. HI FI.. Does that cuts me and I have to break sharp… what happens is anyone guess, Icy roads my car goes for a SPIN… and dham hits the barrier…

So a perfectly fine day gets ruined, I wish I was in uniform and in India should have got down and given a nice walloping to this person, he did not even get out, slowed the car and then zipped off… I am left with the front lights smashed, a dent on the side of the car and my head hurting cause I bumped it, I am very bad at this I don’t wear a seat belt , I know I know it’s so bad of me I am just not used to it.

But one good thing happened Lucky me, I rang the recovery guess what, they say oh we have a van out on the fourth exit he he he, so they were there and since my job is like that I have to go and report to a hospital so I was taken for first aid, and an hour later I was at my work, my car brought to the car park, it will be picked up on Saturday for repairs.

What a Start to the beautiful day, everything white and sun shining. I also learned something new today how people react or how much they care for you, I rang a friend (well i thought of them as friend, what they think, I know now) of mine at least 8 times, because how do I put it (which will not hurt my MANLY sentiments 🙂 ), I was a bit shaken it happened so sudden, they could not be bothered to reply back anyway We learn from every incident in our lives. Next time I should call somebody else ha ha ha.

So I thought I shall write this and get some sympathy votes he he he he … But it makes me wonder how things change in a second, AM I Jinxed or AM I JINXED, Ah well all part of life I guess… Wonder what is in store next time… Though I should thank the almighty god that I have not got hurt badly so far, its always been a knick here and there… But then god knows what’s gonna happen next will I be lucky or WILL I BE LUCKY 🙂

So please all reading this drive safe even in your posh cars we all know they drive very smooth and FAST.. Be safe, think of yourself and others on the road, Better be late then never AND PLEASE WEAR YOUR SEAT BELTS 🙂 (look who is talking I know). Take care all and yes when someone is desperate to get hold of you do answer back it may be a emergency :).

  1. I would say accidents are part and parcel of life so chill.Yes next time wear a seat belt , Dude you will have it for free in your car so you can wear it.And importantly take care you are very far away!!


  2. Harman says:

    click it or ticket..(..used in US .for not using seat belts)..but drive safely ..its snowing here today zero visiblity.. I guess we are the warriors of the season..


  3. Gaurav says:

    Take it easy, friend.Enjoy the beautiful snowfall there.


  4. BK Chowla says:

    Just forget and enjoy the snowfall.


  5. Insignia says:

    That was a bad way to start the day. But it is this way once in a while…Chill and enjoy the weather :-)Oh yeah!! seat belts..a friend who drove the car on our way to Las Vegas was fined because the navigator was not wearing seat belts….Its safe, wear doesnt hurt anyways 🙂


  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh ho Not again.. You ok. we are back. HAppy new year to you.. How is the Car by the way 🙂 Jas Here… still refuse to create a gmail account.


  7. Chatterbox says:

    I hope you are feeling better after a bad day in a bad weather and after hurting your head in the bash.Like everyone said so far, seat-belt is for free and there for our good. The patience you spent to learn to drive is itself is a hint that you'll learn to love the seat-belt too :)It's my first visit to your wonderful log Bikram. Liked your profile picture.Keep up the good work and take care.Cheers!!


  8. Bikram says:

    THanks a lot for the comments and the concern. @Raj- yes accidents are part and parcel of life, but i have had tons of knocks :).. I am accident prone it seems. Thank you so much i shall keep in mind to wear one. @Harman:- Thank you. yeah here too its a ticket if now wearing, but i just got used to not wearing one, but will do. Its snowing here too, -10 today brrrrrrrr@Gaurav:- Thanks my friend, I am enjoying the snowfall, its not the snow that is the problem its the idiots on road.. and snow turning to ice.. @Chowla sir :- haanji forgotten already.. and enjoying@Insignia:- yeah a bad day, but now gone, yes it does not hurt i will wear it or remember to wear it :).. @jas :- Paaji welcome its fine yaara not to worry. Car is doing ok, mitsubishi again he he he .. going to garage tomorrow, will be out in a week, guess which one i got in replacement.. go on :)@ChatterBox:- Thanks for the visit. You are welcome always do drop by. Yes i know what u mean. Thanks for the lovely comment, and yeah the Pic is from your place, its that dolphin centre ahhh i forgot the name, where they also have that STONE speciality. I will have ot find out and let you know the name of the place, it was on way to Gold coast from sydney. Anyway Thanks.Everyone thanks a ton for the wishes and concern geeee I am enjoying it He he hehe …


  9. Gaurav says:

    Idiots are everywhere, right?PS: Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll.


  10. Smita says:

    Accidents are caused more by other's follies than one's own faults. Such close shaves help u learn a lesson in life.. If the Merc guy sidelines u, go bang his bumper off ;)I'm glad you are ok though.


  11. Marlene says:

    We can really avoid accidents actually. Maybe there are those times that we can't avoid it if we are careless, or if it's his will to let that thing happen. I remember one time, my cousin was in a car accident and his car's been damaged. He really loved his car so much so he decided to go to a shop that do collision repair. Plano car shops offer great services such as collision repair. Plano, Tx servicemen are very acommodating and very friendly as well.


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