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The WeekEnd- WHY ME !!!!

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Funny Life, Hiking, Life, Sudden

Well I have already written an article on how life changes in a flash of a second, How life Changes(click if you haven’t read it), I had a second experience this Saturday… Makes me wonder how or why the hell it has got to happen with me…

We planned to hike up a mountain (a hill basically, mountain sounds Nicer 🙂 .. ) , six of us decided to go for a weekend camping, YES YES YES I know December, . Not a good idea would have frozen to death… but anyway we decided that… Friday took off after work, down the motorways, (Why do all roadwork’s have to start at same time, spent hour or more sitting driving at 5 or 6 MPH).. It was so late by the time we reached the venue. Got the tents out… sleeping bags luckily for us Jay had made it on time so he had done all the dirty work set the stuff… and got the meat out for us to cook it… SO the night went in a couple of beers a bit of Bar-B-que and freezing…

Next morning started early the plan was to reach the top, then get down by 4pm, there was this pub we had seen while driving where we intended to eat food… there was small brooke , trickling which we had crossed on way up, no one thought or gave it a thought . .we were too engrossed in who will make it to top first , joking at Dave for panting all his way up, and Georgie boy almost falling every step he took. It all went pear shaped on way back, first we got late… it was already dark, it had been raining very hard we were soaked to the inside… Very cold, hands were frozen… everyone was cursing Jay to have decided to come and MADE US COME too 🙂 poor guy.. He always gets in the neck if something goes wrong.

We did not realize that the brook we had crossed was not a trickle anymore, Jay was leading me behind him, then the others, we were looking forward to reaching the Dryness of the tent, get some brandy in ( psstt. Well the situation demanded, it was cold… so all reading this dont frown.) As jay put his foot in water , swish he was on his bottom, he made such a big noise, I must say I laughed as a reaction, then I could see Jay struggle as he got washed away a few feet, ooops I had no option other then Run after him, to get hold of him there was lots of debris, As I put my hand forward , Jay grabbed it but the pebbles, mud, sticks , leaves had made it all so slippery DHAAAAD I was on my Butt, water all over me , my back hit ground, as I splashed hard, my head hit something.. I was splashing like mad, got hold of a branch, held it, while jay was holding my foot…

It felt funny for Dave and George as they were having a laugh, Manny was the only sensible person who actually thought we might have got hurt, torches shone in our eyes and me hurling choices words… then the other realized that it was not funny, Jay had a broken arm, I had my head split in two places, blood had trickled over my eyes, I could not see anything, my glasses had broken.. dirty mud water was in my mouth… YUCK.., there was a drop of a few feet just a yard or so away, had we not recovered it would have been far worse accident.

Jay was in pain, luckily I always carry my first aid kit with me, since I am a trained first aider at work, so WE put a sling around his arm, Dave put some bandage on my head, and my back was bruised pretty nice.

I mean a small brook, no one had given a thought, look at the damage it had done. Small incidents turn nasty. The worst thing none of us had our mobiles, all were nicely packed and DRY at base, it was so dark, could not see our way… God had gotten too angry at earthlings, so he had opened the sky hurling water at us. We decided to stay put at that place, BAD IDEA… but we did not want to risk it again, because there was too much water around… If we slipped again we would have had it…

Anyway after hours god had mercy on us, it stopped to rain… and we decided to move… Luckily for us we all managed to make it back…Where the bottle of Brandy awaited us … Phoned the emergency help, they were soon there, attending to us, I had a crown on my head where they glued the two cuts, Jay was taken to hospital for more X-ray etc, I was fine by then. Then the Giggles started… and I again became centre of jokes.

So next weekend we have decided to go do it once again, I am sure Jay will not be joining us, I have already had a Threatening email from Jamie his wife to not take her husband with us.. Boooo hooooo…Ah well he can have a weekend off with his wife… 🙂

The End.


A new state is being , or there are plans , to carve out a New STATE in India.

Food for thought here Why are we building more states , Why not go the other way Get rid of all the States and HAVE ONE BIG STATE.. called


Easier to Learn at school, no need to remember all states there capitals, Just one Big State and One Capital Delhi (oops or is it NEW DELHI), just imagine how easy it will be for school kids.

help get rid of lot of bad habits, state rifts, state tensions, we wont have to say
JAI state name and then JAI HIND

just two words would do the trick .. JAI HIND

Lot less Bureaucracy, Lot less ministers, Lot less expenses on them, Anything you can think of would be LOT LESS

Me and My stupid Mind Thinks of Silly things OR DOES IT……..

Racism- What I think

Posted: December 10, 2009 in My Thoughts., Racism, UK

I have been reading a few articles over how Indians are facing racist comments and remarks abroad, I can fully understand what they are saying about it, I am in UK , I have heard stories about such incidents but touch wood I have never been treated like that. The reason I am writing is not about what happens in USA or UK, Cause I think its not that big a deal if we are subjected to it a bit cause We have on our own decided to come here, no one forced us to come to pastures green.

The thing is we are quick to say this is wrong-that is wrong.. basic human nature, but what we fail to recognise or do is try to change it, Its the same as when a Tiger kills a man he becomes a man-eater, we are quick to pick our rifles shoot it down, But when the same man kills a tiger for pleasure or money, he gets a rap on the wrist a fine, why is it like that.. the same person should be held a Murderer,brought to the book. Just cause the poor tiger cant afford a lawyer or pay the investigating officer should not let his murderer go Scot free.

Anyway I strongly object to people who make a big issue over this that they are treated bad or someone said something to them cause of the colour of their skin, I have lived in India all my childhood, youth, came to uk about 8 years ago. I must say WE AS INDIANS ARE THE MOST RACIST, and I can argue to length over this. If a white guy says to us paki or indian we feel so bad…

But have we ever realized ( I didn’t either till I came here), how we behave ourselves, standing by the roadside in india we want to call a Rickshawala we say
“OYE BHAIYA”… and please don’t tell me the BHAIYA word is meant as brother cause it is not… The word does mean Brother but that’s about it, we do-not call him a brother it is a derogatory word in the context its used end of.

OR going to a restaurant how we call a Waiter… “OYE… “. No one says that to a waiter or a taxi guy abroad.

What we think of humans from UP or BIHAR… I still remember the land labour that comes to punjab during harvest season… the land owners provide food, but when giving the food their utensils dare not touch theirs… I remember getting told off by family elders… How our caste system works… especially when it comes to Hindu-Sikh or Hindu-Muslim.

Look into your own self, If you are a hindu or sikh and have a muslim friend or vice versa, just see how many taunts you get.. You see a Sardar walking people say Oye Sardar.. That is RACISM… If this is what we are doing in our own country then why are we moaning when we are being subjected to same by others.

How we work against FEMALES in our society, How we treat them in our own families, In UK itself I was on a course regarding Forced marriage and honour killing, it is a FACT that out of all this about 12% happens in Indian families. I wont go into the rest but still 12% is a big number girls are being forced to get married between age of 14 – 18 and then there is the honour killing, A sikh girl is seeing a Muslim boy kill her, a Muslim girl is seeing a hindu Kill her.. This is what our society is and We moan on being said a few slurs, Heck I say we deserve it.

I remember the sniggering of my friends when I held the door open for someone behind me, or said thanks to someone or said sorry if I brushed against someone… my friends were like I have become a gora.. But I am saying this is basic etiquettes…

We should work together first in educating people that all humans are Equal irrespective of the colour-cast-creed, and we need to start that from our own backyard.

The problem is that we have come abroad, we have taken the citizenships but in our OWN heart we don’t feel like that, we still call ourselves indians, Heck I do the same… But I think it’s wrong, we work, earn, get rich, eat, here so why do we call ourselves indians… If you know what I mean and that is what the WHITE don’t like which I think is correct, we are being traitors here, we come abroad cause of some reason or other, the common point is to earn money and make a life. We go on dole trying to take or make the most we can, so many people have called their parents over to UK, and I will say HUNDREDS have just for baby sitting or to get the pension money that the Govt here provides for elderly. When british came to india they took all the money back, we hated them, still do BUT are we not doing the same making big bucks and yet saying how this is bad or that is bad…

Lakh Pardesi Hoiye
Lakh Pardesi Hoiye..Apna Desh Ni Bhandi Da…
Jehre Mulk Da Khaiye Usda Bura Ni Mangi Da…..
Lakh Pardesi Hoiye…Lakh Pardesi Hoiye…..

These are just my thoughts… and I don’t intend to OFFEND anyone… but it’s worth a thought what I said. IF i offend someone I am sorry in advance. I am not saying India or Uk Or abroad is bad, I am saying the PEOPLE are what they have made of it.

Been wondering sometimes, what it would be, to actually be alive during the times of Sardar Bhagat Singh. It’s one thing to watch the movies describing him, his ideas what he did, how it all happened, but to be actually there is different

I sometimes think if I was at that age, am I cut up for such sacrifices, would I be able to do what the heroes at that time did. Would I have had the courage to defy the Government at that time? Or would I be a coward running scared? or worst be an obedient citizen going about my daily chores of life without batting a eyelid, cause that’s what most were doing otherwise how could a handful of british rule so many.

The last few words spoken by him “Dil se niklegi, na mar kar bhi, watan ki ulfat, meri mitti se bhi khushboo-e-watan aayegi” (Even after my death my love for my motherland will not diminish from my heart. Even my ashes will smell of your (motherland’s) greatness and love). AM I LIKE THAT

Can I or Would I be able to give up my life smiling. Does it not make you think sometime COULD YOU DO what they did. I am not sure if I can answer that question myself, it’s my friends or people around who can comment on this much better nevertheless I do sometimes think what I would do…

Would I be one of those traitors who got greats like Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad killed, Shaheed Bhagat Singh hanged… Would I be that SLY bastard who would betray my friends at the first hurdle of trouble, would I spill the beans at the mere thought of pain?

I was watching a documentary, since then it’s been on my mind, Would I or Could I have been as brave as the martyrs, Could I have taken all that beating, torture they went through in there tender age, When I was 24 I was busy trying to make a career.

It is one thing saying it, Oh yes I could have or I would have… But think deep inside, be truthful to yourself COULD YOU, COULD I… just a thought. Not many these days think the way a 24 year old thought at that time, I know situations were different but there is one thing common, INDIA… our country it is still under oppression, still under rule the only difference is colour of skin, it was WHITE then now its BROWN. Mentality is still same LOOT The country, fill in own coffers…

But do we see Bhagat Singh NOW? NO. All the martyrs gave their life for us but we have betrayed them, we have betrayed our own brothers and sisters.

Hence the wondering that could I do what they did, because if the answer is YES and hundreds, thousands said it was YES, then we should not be where we are in the current ERA. I just wish to god and prey that when I die, I die a good death a bit worthwhile, or give me strength that I am able to do something, anything worthwhile for the country where I was born where my forefathers lived. I am not sure if I could say what Bhagat Singh wrote “I have been arrested while waging a war. For me there can be no gallows. Put me into the mouth of a cannon and blow me off.” These heroes had conquered the fear of death AND all I can do is shed a few tears watching bobby deol or ajay devgan or Manoj kumar sing their way to the podium to be hanged with a smile and shouting INQUILAB ZINABAD


Remains a QUESTION…

“Shaheedo ki cheetaon par har baras lagen ge mele, watan par marne walon ka bus yahi nishan hoga’’.

Check out :-
Martyrdom of Sardar Bhagat Singh

I was watchin a program and heard a few nice tit-bits, imagine what u can do with your mobile phones. Here area few ideas..

You are all sitting in a pub and send some messages to , someone from the phone of a person who has gone to the loo. Just imagine the reaction of this guy, the hell he is in, if you send a txt to the wife or girl friend of the person who left the phone

“Dont worry it’s ok, she will never find out X X X X” (XX is for kiss kiss 🙂 )

oooh he is gonna have fun when he reaches home 🙂 or meets her…

or or or how about, you know how a txt can be sent to everyone in the contacts , send a txt to everyone in your phonebook saying


“I found out your secret Cant talk now, txt me … ”

I did that i got a few txt back but Sekhon my friend replied one Word …

“HOW” … 🙂

or if you are cruel you could send a message to your mother saying

“I am safe .. dont worry “

and then switch off the phone for an hour he he he he this will be cruel wont it … she will go mental he he he…

Two friends got very upset over the fact, that they had to pay a lot of money, for the pay as you go phones so they decided to get two homing pigeons, use them for sending messages to each other .. they started doing that but one day one of them got a note from other with nothing written on it .. this makes him mad, so he used his PHONE to call the other to asks whats that for ..

Oh that was a missed call… the friend replied. 🙂

And oh yeah have you ever by mistake changed the language on the phone .. here is a idea what you can do … get your mates phone and change the language to Chinece or russian .. anything other that what he uses 🙂 he he he he .. that would be funny cause it doesnot ask Are you sure you want to change.. you press the button . bam language changed… he he he

So people who read this lets hear whats the funny thing you have done on your or your friends phone ….