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Posted: December 17, 2009 in Friends, FriendShip, Life, My Thoughts., People, random, relation, Soch, Thinking, Wake up

I have been meaning to write this article for ages now, but somehow I never managed to get round to it. Internet has been a great tool, I have met so many people over it all over the world and I must say some of them have become very good friends, a few closer than family too.

Then I started to write this Blog in October sometime, earlier I use to write a diary at night before going to sleep, everyday.. but for some reason I started this a few people were very happy. Over this blog I met a few people some good, some OK, I wont say bad because I think , No one is bad they are good for someone if not you.

Sometimes it makes me think that I am from a very old school, a school where patience, respect , love existed – nowadays I have seen it does not anymore..

Admi Sochta kuch hai
Karta Kuch hai
Hota kuch or hai..

Today we have become very unforgiving people. It may be an ethnic problem, or a community’s problem or a country’s, or in your relationships, with your wife, children, parents,Girl Friend, Friends, Acquaintances we get very very unforgiving and we hold that against them. We wear it as a badge which says
‘main tujhe kabhi maaf nahi karoonga’

Everyone has a hidden agenda behind everything, IT was not like this always people use to be so good, caring. The words they said meant something , people stood by there words. Nowadays people are quick to make a relation, even quicker to spoil or break one. What they say is not what they mean. Why have people become so heartless, What would it take to go back to the good old days. I mean how can someone say oh we are friends then at next instant go behind your back , I mean what is friendship…

Dosti karo to Jam ke karo
Dushmani karo to woh bhi Jum ke karo
magar khyal itna rahe , ki fir agar Dosti ho
to Sharamindgi na ho….

I don’t know why god has made me like this, or why I think like that, But I would never do what I have experienced even to my enemy, Thanks to this blog I think I got a few of those now 🙂 But as someone who has my heart and cares for me a lot said to me, forget about them, they are NOBODY, think of the people I have met over this, Some very decent people, Pallavi her highness.. It has been lovely to chat with her sometime, knowing them.

lekin mai toh beroak safar mein
is ek aur pehlu se hokar nikal chala,
jeevan ki aapa dhapi mein kab waqt mila
kuch der kahin par baith kabhie yeh soach sakun,
ki jo kiya kaha mana usme kya bura bhala…

(these are a few words stolen from Mr. Amitabh Bachan).

I think this is where we have reached we have got so busy in our life that we have forgotten or forget what the effects of our actions will have on others, We have become so selfish, I ask god one thing always Please don’t make me so selfish, or careless, unfaithful, uncaring, heartless, Because I don’t know which action of mine might hurt someone. Do people actually mean they are friends when they say they are, or are just making fun of you. If they are then why do they do it, what right do they have to play with someones emotions. Would they feel the same if this happened with them, or have they become so heartless that it does not bother them anymore. How can they go to sleep soundly, well now I am being a fool because they don’t even know what hurt they have caused.

People are impulsive and say things that hurt other people, they walk over others especially people whom they say are friends. And in all this process they loose friends, I am a bit of a dumbo it takes a bit of time for me to understand people are trying to ignore me , so it gets difficult to loose me :). Loosing a acquaintance or friend over trivial reason, a reason which is non existence. All I would say is such people will one day realise what they lost, by then it will be too late.

I wish i had the Ego or Impulse to severe my contact with people, But then that’s not me.

Anyway festive season is here, so Please god take care of all my friends, foes, anyone i know .. God bless all and everyone … New year is round the corner I wish we all make a promise to ourselves to be a better human being.

Jaane anjaane

What is world coming to. hain…

  1. smitzy says:

    YAY I made it to FIRST comment (or so I think) :DThis was a thoughtful post bikram. Its very true people have changed a LOT, have become lot more selfish as you said it. But I guess, with all the bullS**t going on in this world, one needs to put up his guard all the time. The world will murder you if you are nice and gullible all the time!One needs to strike a balance between how much GOOD one shud be and WHEN they can be BAD :Dnice post!!


  2. Pallavi says:

    hey thats what we call a cool post.. direct dil sey…and calls for a comment!I made some damn cool frenz thru blogging and they are special each one of them and my other friends too… totally adorablethose who don't care for me, I don't worry about them comes full circle.. if you love someone.. someone wud love you 2!!!PS: and will you stop praising yourself' am from a very old school'… 😉


  3. Harman says:

    nice..Bikram..!!! I like those shiyaris written ..yes..its time for Sharin and Carin..Appreciate.. your ..thinkin,,GOD.Bless!!


  4. 🙂 I now think that there must be no Like button back then, which is why i see no likes to your posts.
    And i have a question for you. Now, after 4 + years after the post, do you still feel the same about the society and people?
    By the way, nice post it is. Donno what made you feel so bad, but i just believe in one thing. To live in a better world, we just have to build one. Just do your part, worrying about what others do/don’t doesn’t help i guess.
    I must be kidding, who am i advising! 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      Actually I use to blog at Blogspot at that time and I shifted to wordpress so I imported the posts from there..

      Actually I now feel strongly as over 4 years i have had so many experiences, i use to think that it is probably prevelant in people we meet etc.. but blogging world has its own politics which i am finally beginning to understand 🙂

      100% with you yes we have to build this perfect world as WE make the society and the world so WE have to change ourself.. and I ma trying my best to change .. hopefully one day i will ..

      and no you are not kidding.. you are telling the truth and thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      wlecome here and do keep coming back , I dont always write such silly posts he he he he 🙂

      you know I liked that you went back so many years to read the old posts THANK YOU SO MUCH


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