Racism- What I think

Posted: December 10, 2009 in My Thoughts., Racism, UK

I have been reading a few articles over how Indians are facing racist comments and remarks abroad, I can fully understand what they are saying about it, I am in UK , I have heard stories about such incidents but touch wood I have never been treated like that. The reason I am writing is not about what happens in USA or UK, Cause I think its not that big a deal if we are subjected to it a bit cause We have on our own decided to come here, no one forced us to come to pastures green.

The thing is we are quick to say this is wrong-that is wrong.. basic human nature, but what we fail to recognise or do is try to change it, Its the same as when a Tiger kills a man he becomes a man-eater, we are quick to pick our rifles shoot it down, But when the same man kills a tiger for pleasure or money, he gets a rap on the wrist a fine, why is it like that.. the same person should be held a Murderer,brought to the book. Just cause the poor tiger cant afford a lawyer or pay the investigating officer should not let his murderer go Scot free.

Anyway I strongly object to people who make a big issue over this that they are treated bad or someone said something to them cause of the colour of their skin, I have lived in India all my childhood, youth, came to uk about 8 years ago. I must say WE AS INDIANS ARE THE MOST RACIST, and I can argue to length over this. If a white guy says to us paki or indian we feel so bad…

But have we ever realized ( I didn’t either till I came here), how we behave ourselves, standing by the roadside in india we want to call a Rickshawala we say
“OYE BHAIYA”… and please don’t tell me the BHAIYA word is meant as brother cause it is not… The word does mean Brother but that’s about it, we do-not call him a brother it is a derogatory word in the context its used end of.

OR going to a restaurant how we call a Waiter… “OYE… “. No one says that to a waiter or a taxi guy abroad.

What we think of humans from UP or BIHAR… I still remember the land labour that comes to punjab during harvest season… the land owners provide food, but when giving the food their utensils dare not touch theirs… I remember getting told off by family elders… How our caste system works… especially when it comes to Hindu-Sikh or Hindu-Muslim.

Look into your own self, If you are a hindu or sikh and have a muslim friend or vice versa, just see how many taunts you get.. You see a Sardar walking people say Oye Sardar.. That is RACISM… If this is what we are doing in our own country then why are we moaning when we are being subjected to same by others.

How we work against FEMALES in our society, How we treat them in our own families, In UK itself I was on a course regarding Forced marriage and honour killing, it is a FACT that out of all this about 12% happens in Indian families. I wont go into the rest but still 12% is a big number girls are being forced to get married between age of 14 – 18 and then there is the honour killing, A sikh girl is seeing a Muslim boy kill her, a Muslim girl is seeing a hindu Kill her.. This is what our society is and We moan on being said a few slurs, Heck I say we deserve it.

I remember the sniggering of my friends when I held the door open for someone behind me, or said thanks to someone or said sorry if I brushed against someone… my friends were like I have become a gora.. But I am saying this is basic etiquettes…

We should work together first in educating people that all humans are Equal irrespective of the colour-cast-creed, and we need to start that from our own backyard.

The problem is that we have come abroad, we have taken the citizenships but in our OWN heart we don’t feel like that, we still call ourselves indians, Heck I do the same… But I think it’s wrong, we work, earn, get rich, eat, here so why do we call ourselves indians… If you know what I mean and that is what the WHITE don’t like which I think is correct, we are being traitors here, we come abroad cause of some reason or other, the common point is to earn money and make a life. We go on dole trying to take or make the most we can, so many people have called their parents over to UK, and I will say HUNDREDS have just for baby sitting or to get the pension money that the Govt here provides for elderly. When british came to india they took all the money back, we hated them, still do BUT are we not doing the same making big bucks and yet saying how this is bad or that is bad…

Lakh Pardesi Hoiye
Lakh Pardesi Hoiye..Apna Desh Ni Bhandi Da…
Jehre Mulk Da Khaiye Usda Bura Ni Mangi Da…..
Lakh Pardesi Hoiye…Lakh Pardesi Hoiye…..

These are just my thoughts… and I don’t intend to OFFEND anyone… but it’s worth a thought what I said. IF i offend someone I am sorry in advance. I am not saying India or Uk Or abroad is bad, I am saying the PEOPLE are what they have made of it.

  1. Bikram, you know, simple patriotism does not fill empty stomachs. It is economics, simple theories of demand and supply. Therefore, I refuse to agree that an Indian-born person living abroad immediately qualifies as un-Indian. Let us who are living abroad try to contribute back home: let us at least give it a shot. If we finally join ranks with a thousand others who have tried the same and failed, so be it. But at least we would have tried.


  2. Harman says:

    excellent..thought!!! ..discrimination is everywhere.. india or abroad..more or less… livin in USA for last 11 yrs ..and workin with differen people I learnt the word Patience.. .. and lemme tell u ..people who try to mess with others ..r ultimate losers… !!! end of the day …basic fact is family values..or traditions.. we should follow..given to us..by parents and eldars….rest.. Racial Discrimation is a serious offense..in..America… all that I know…which is subjected to fine and imprisonment…


  3. Dharmjit says:

    yaeh rightly said that discrimination is everywhere as harman maam said based on caste ,color,region. bikram u talk about countries but dont go far discrimination is made in punjab based on that we are malwis,doabia or belong to majha.malwis say that we are the best and same the others.but i dont understand ur last paragraph do u wanna say that a person belongs to that place where he earns and lives then my friend i think u r wrong how can one forgets his home,his vllage.but as u said that we are decieving these countries,that is wrong today the whole world became a gobal village and opportunities are there all around.in abroad these are higher in no. and return is good.u know that 6000 foreigners came to india this year for their higher studies and many are working in india as researchers,anthropoligist and others various fields.


  4. A S says:

    hiivery good post :)i agree with u… we should first look at ourselves


  5. Bikram says:

    Wow, I was expecting more of Bikram Bashing here he he he Cause of my previous experince when i wrote something, But i am glad that a few agree to what i said. Sudipta:- I am not saying we should not go back to country, What I said was that we should not Speak against the country we are living in, the country that has provided us with bread and butter on our table, I am saying that for example UK has given me work provided me , so why should i say UK is bad, Thats what i am saying. I am saying that WE come abroad and still say this country is bad, this happens here that happens here, I am totally for continuing to go back home, I do it myself 2 -3 times a year.Harman:- Fully agree with you, Family values. Dharamjit:- This is what i mean, we are ourself so racist, so who are we to say foreigners are racist. THe last Paragraph says that we should be truthful and honest to the Place that is providing us everything. We should not be hypocrates, I should not be saying UK is bad cause of this or that, which country is not, We left india cause we thought india was bad, we have come abroad and now we say this too is bad , what does that make us and then we say India is great. Its like making a hole in the same plate we eat. We who live abroad, eat here, earn here, live our life here still say wrong about it. I am sure we would do the same if we were in india, SO what does that make us… something to think about… A S :- Thanks a lot for visiting my post. Thanks for all the lovely comments. The post got written because of a few articles I read, regarding how Indians are racially abused abroad and how In india this does not happen.


  6. Again, Bikram, blanket statements about any country or community is wrong. I am living in the US right now, and yes of course I am grateful to them for providing me bread, butter and more than that, a lot of opportunity to fully express and explore who I am. You need to go away from your motherland once to look at things from other perspectives.However, does this mean that I think everything that the US does is good? No, definitely not. I criticize what I think is wrong, and I praise what I think is right. So yes, it is imperative that we learn as we go, and most importantly learn to discriminate between right and wrong.P.S. – thanks for visiting my blog. I have linked to this post from Blogbharti as well! 🙂


  7. smitzy says:

    ahhhhh I wrote the whole comment and it mysteriously disappered. Dont you just hate blogger when it does that X(Anyway, coming to the post. My parents instilled one lesson in me from my childhood days. "Treat people like you want to be treated with yourself" I have proudly stuck to this moral so far. My friends too snigger when I say "excuse me" in the restaurant to the waiter but that doesn't stop me from treating the person with respect.If every person is treated with respect and dignity, I see no reason for discriminatory grudges and such racial slurs.A very thought provoking post!


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