26/11 Salute thee people of Mumbai

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Proud to be indian.

I remember last year I was on way home from work when the news probably had come about the attacks, I had not heard about it, my collegue rang me, her voice was very light, the ones which mean something has happeend, a chill ran my back, the she asked do i have any relatives in mumbai, I said no, she seemed releived on enquiring i got to know about the attack, the first reaction was WTF.. WHY.. and then the thing that hit me the most was that i had visited mumbai, had our lunch at leopold restaurant just a couple of months ago, I was shocked, it was such a busy place, we had to wait to get a table, logging on to the bbc i could not make head or tail waht was going on, various headlines were coming, a few pictures were being flashed about the devastation done by the terrorists.

Then this year in may or june there was a program broadcast by the BBC which showed the actual video footage of the operation, the cctv footages inside the hotel, slowly painting the horrific events of that day. How the indian forces were just not prepared they had no clue what was going on. The Mumbai police headquarters were just round the corner, yet they could not reach on time, Individuals showed valour, bravery at the face of atrocities, a lone police man with the HARAPPA CIVILIZATION RIFLE, fired against a burst of AK 47.. A few others.. I regret not recroding that program, i got too engrossed in it. At one stage i was so angry i wanted to break something. I was watching and hearing the satellite link phone conversations of the attackers with there handlers, how they were using the phrase too often about “Allah being there”.. I mean come on which religion teaches hatred , or kill a fellow human being.

It was a night when a handful of attackers held the country and did what as they pleased, yes thats what i would say, since there was nothing being done to stop them, The top ranking officials in police died, The navy commandoes or some army commandoes who have a base of less then 5kms from the hotel could not make it on time.

Inspite of all the politics or what was done or not done, fair enough, we were not prepared for it But ARE WE NOW..  We have not learnt from our mistakes every other day our PM asks Pakistan to curb down its ideas , to stop cross border terrorism as a national policy. THATS IT. Sure loads of committies were created to investigate, but other then that i doubt it .

I visited mumbai again this year , went to the places to see , the best thing , the reason why i am saying we have not learnt anything is , we went to india gate, its sort of blocked by security personal, I was thinking of taking a boat ride we moved, there was this guy sitting in black clothes , a paan in his mouth , A cigaratte in one hand , a lady security officer with him, both had metal detectors as we crossed It definitely beeped , but they did not bat a eyelid.. My friend had a big purse with her, she was asked to put the purse on table , the lady officer moved her detector over it , BEEP BEEP BEEP, the light went red .. and the lady said Jaiye.. I mean WHAT… I had a smirk, my friend knew exactly what I wanted to say. COME ON.. open the damn purse Look into it , It could have had anything.

The ridiculous thing is there is a case going on against a lone terrorist captured alive, he is living it up, I mean what proof do the judges want,
1. Did they not see the news
2. Did they not see the CCTV footage
3. Are they Blind…

It is true justice delayed is justice denied, when will justice be given to those who lost there loved ones that fateful night. Why Is this guy alive. He should be taken to the CHAURAHA and hanged, to show those who are working against our nation that this will not be tolerated.

The politicians were quick to codemn this all, I can bet my life they are ready asking there PA’s or there speech writers a week in advance to write the best speech cause all these people will come out on 26th november 2009, to shout at top of there EVIL voice how touched they were, how they have done this or that for the city, some will even blame the people in power at that time the usual Mud slinging , we indians love those speeches , cause thousands will brave the weather , miss the days work, to go to the big huge maidans to listen to these leaders shouting hoarse, to top it all we will be standing , CLAPPING OUR HANDS. so and so minister Zindabad. blah blah blah…

27th november will come, VOILA the so called leaders will be back, Mr Thackrey wil be back again shouting hoarse about Marathi.. WTF, What does it matter.. a few more committies will be created to see what the committies created earlier did. 

People like Sachin Tendulkar will probably be asked to leave the city, I am wondering when will shiv sena activists go on rampage against his hotel, house .. family. What you doing guys dont you have a job to do … Divide the nation furthur Go on my lovies get up, create some chaos, 26th nov, came and went…

The police is as usual, spending hours and hours investigating, coming with the one result they come out with always ITS THE POLITICIANS… or something else .. so the pointing of fingers is at its best now , will continue for a week .. then the lull .. till obviously 2010…

The people of MUMBAI , SALUTE THEM .. who have got up inspite of all these atrocities, the weather, nature, MAN.. terrorist attacks.. the riots.. so much has happened in this city alone.. yet the MUMBAIKERS… yeah the MUMBAIKERS… have got up and Standing strong.. which just shows that the average citizens shrugged it off , to face it, cause i dont think situation has changed for them, they are still in the firing range, easy target.

My heart goes out to all those who have suffered, deepest sympathies to all. To all those brave people who took the attackers head on, helped others when they needed, I jsut prey and wish that like atrocities bring out the helping nature in people NORMAL times also makes it come out, Lets help each other, treat each other as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Let all get together save our great nation going to the devil. Lets all today think of those people who are no longer with us , may there soul rest in peace.

We are indians first ALWAYS.. EVERY TIME.

  1. smitzy says:

    Wow.. That was quite a powerful post bikram. I was captivated by it till the very end. It is very true that people get affected by such attacks and then claim they will not tolerate any such atrocities.There are candle demonstrations on the day of the attack, the cricket team bows their head to pay respect, the news channels analyze and reanalyze the "anniversary" of the event with hourly programs, politicians carry out rallys, Kasab lives one more day…Now that Kasab has been declared a terrorist by pakistan too, maybe there is hope that this lone reminder of the colossal damange we had a year ago may be obliterated after all. But till that fine day comes, the mid slinging n dirty politics will ensue.*sigh*


  2. ajay says:

    Nice .. Yes I too am proud to be indian.. EAST OR WEST india is the best.. My heart goes to the people who suffered.. may god give them the strength to get up and carry on..


  3. Phoenixritu says:

    I am furious, can not talk or comment rationally


  4. Very Passionate post bikram. Its a real pity we are in a very sorry state of affairs.. And we don't have nothing much except hope.


  5. Punam says:

    That was really something, Bikram. I mean, people will always get up and get going, no matter how big or how destructive the strikes are.. remember Jaipur? Everytime I pass the Hanuman Mandir, I am just shocked at how normal everything turned out.. just a casual, "this is the place where a bomb blast occured".. and u just pass by that place. Barsi aati hai, toh reporters ko yaad ata hai ki ek-do survivors ya phir lost lives ki families ke interviews lene chahiye, 'sensation' create karne ke liye.. otherwise, the whole year passes by as normal as any other day and bas, that's how it is. The programme that u mention, yes even I watched it.. the whole story of how it happened, the reconstruction of the dialogues and all, it was spine-chilling. But the culprit is behind bars and enjoying a lavish life. The CULPRIT who fired, at the station, it's all VISIBLE on the video, so apparent, what MORE proof do they want? They r feeding him and they've given him a chhat. WHY r they spending our TAX money on feeding a terrorist?? Why not let him die in starvation?No wonder they r not afraid. And lives will end, again.


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