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I have had a veyr bad day today, I was very happy when i woke up but as the day progressed it became worse and worse..
Do you feel sometimes nothing is going your way , the people you want to talk to are more interested in something petty going on… well petty for you but may be important for them. I wish i could talk to someone, someone who would genuinly be interested in whats happening in my life rather than make a talk of it.
Why is it so difficult to make someone happy, I have had a bad day Wish i had some body near by its times like this that i repent coming to uk, back home i would have lots of people ready to give me the jadoo ki jaffi.. BACK HOME…
I sometimes think i am not meant for this world.. why do i even bother if they dont bother about me, why should i bother about them. Why cant i just walk away. Why do i have to try again to patch up or try to give it another try.. When will i learn OR WILL i learn ever, is there something wrong with me … I know I want to walk away but i dont .. what does that make me 🙂

Today i sent a song for a friend, but they had some other song sent to them which was better than mine….
I dont like people who lie to me , yet if they lie what should i do….

Ah well i am back home, been sent back home by a carer thinking i will go mad if i stayed at work… I am wondering how it all changes, one small thing spoils everything he he he he

a well like they say a Man is like a PACK of CARDS.. you need a
HEART to Love him
DIAMOND to Marry him
CLUB to hit him AND
SPADE to bury him…

bad BLOG….Apologies.. to all who read it .. But hey give me a HUG come on … A BIG PUNJABI BEAR HUGGGG…