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When will there be India for INDIANS.. maharashtra is for maharashtrians… Punjab is for Punjabis, kashmir for kashmiris.. When and where will there be INDIA for INDIANS.

To call yourself Indian prior to being a Punjabi or maharashtrian, has become a big problem in the modern india. I think the sikhs in punjab should get together for the demand of KHALISTAN to be brought back, what the heck.. might as well. Since its the going trend, especially when the party in power Congress does nothing other then say a few words and BJP oh my oh my , MY dear party BJP ooops … its got itself on a slippery floor here, since its an ally of Shiv Sena… it could not come out as strong as others could. HYPOCRISY is what is written on the so called leaders, for sake of GOD, which ever god you guys can think of grow up for once in your life do something for the country, how so ever small it is instead of thinking of your own backyard.

This was exactly what congress did in punjab, first it let the radicals take over cause it was helping there cause against the other sects in punjab, but when it led to the rise of a leader, it went and launched a army attack on the most sacred place of sikhs. Is this not the same thing the Sikhs wanted Khalistan.. The Maharashtirans want Maharashtra, might as well give it to them and let them set there own country OUTSIDE INDIA, We dont want people who are so callous telling a Sports ICON, the whole world knows about him, telling that he said wrong regarding the statement, he is indian first and Mumbai belongs to All.

IT SURE DOES… If you don’t like it then get out of it .. go and make your own Mumbai somewhere but not on INDIAN SOIL.

People have died to get about this not just 105 as mentioned by the Shiv sena Supremo but Thousands , Thousands have given there life for the nation, Should we not start deciding on them too , which state they belonged to. The martyrs.

When will One of the so called leaders , the political leaders, the religious leaders WAKE UP.. and say that INDIA IS FOR INDIANS… its got no space for Punjabis,Kashmiris,Maharashtrians. We are Indians FIRST and FOREMOST. Those who have a problem with living together should pack there bags and get lost somewhere where they can set there own place. But not in this country. This country is called INDIA it is for INDIANS.

How much more low will we stoop, maybe time has come to go MOHALLA DIVIDING now , We have already done the states, cities now next level is MOHALLA’s, Then the next stage would be STREET dividing.

Every other country On this Planet , Even PAKISTAN for god sake , Every pakistani is proud to be Pakistani, they don’t go and say they are Lahorias, baluchistanis.. If we look seriously and think its only in india that RELIGIOUS Leaders use religion for there own purpose, For example look at Sikhism the youngest Religion in the world only 300+ years old, look at the state we are in. Our priests are doing there utmost to put it to shame. At least in Pakistan the Maulavis are GENUINLY trying to uplift there religion. We cant even do that in India, there is SOME ULTERIOR MOTIVE behind this also.

I will tell a story, there is a Famous sikh temple in Birmingham, UK, on the 300th year celebration of Khalsa, I went to the Gurudwars sahib, the Sant ji or the leader I dont know his name was standing, so out of Respect I said
“Waheguru ji ka Khalsa , Waheguru ji ki Fateh, 300 sala di bahut wadhiye hove”

Guess what was the Reply..

Each true SIKH has to reply back in the Fateh.. But This leader sahib was too big for that, Next two ladies come they touch his Feet “Baba ji Wadhai” and The dear Baba ji was Very pleased, he could not stop showering blessing on the ladies.


So this is where we are now. We cant say India is for indians for fear of OUR LEADERS.

WHEN WILL WE HAVE INDIA FOR INDIANS….. someone please tell me this

pssst:- I must emphasis before getting told off, the capitals are just to make my point, not shouting or angry.