Being Drunk

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Alcohol, being drunk

Have you ever seen what happens when you have ur drinks. It always seems you are the one who is not drunk whereas everyone else is drunk. And the question is how much have you drunk.. I always know how much I have drunk cause I can see all that I have thrown out on the floor 🙂 yeah thats how much I have drunk.

No one blames the alcohol for this. Its always ‘Oh, I ate something funny.’ Yeah the packet of crisp you had between the 5th double and the 6th double. Thats what CHURNED the stomach. And then you have to come back home it seems the whole world has conspired against u. SO much noise; the more discreet you try to be the more noise it generates. You reach home, open the door and it goes Ccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

It never makes the noise, but today it will cause your dad or mom need ot wake up to see u in that state. Is all a SAAZISH; everything is planning against you. The first step you take on the stair feels like you have stepped on one of those bubble things that may pop at any instant. The lighter you put your foot, the heavier it falls… THUD THUD THUD… You will hear your parents murmur something but you are too oblivious to it. You just need to get to your room and slump on the bed.

You climb up the stairs only to find you have just opened the door to your parents door… Oops! Or is it the neighbours house ha hahah that would be nice. I don’t drink. No, really. I know after the above few lines, you may be laughing reading this. But i don’t really… Ok, i don’t drink THAT MUCH he he he he.

I usually drink on occasions now. Earlier I used to drink with friends and all used to get together. I remember one incident I cant ever forget which made me always think the next time i drank. My parents like most parents did not know i drank. We try so hard to not let them know. But one day it happened. I did not realise i was drunk which is usually what happens when you are. Everyone else is drunk other than you. I reached home, my parents knew i was drunk they did not say a word. NOT A WORD. That was what hit me the most.

I sobered up, I could not see them in the eyes. From then on i promised myself this would not happen again and luckily its been a decade almost 10 years I have not made a fool of myself.

  1. smitzy says:

    hehehehehe… hilarious post!! Yeah the door DOES that noise everytime i try to sneak into the house and i don't want my dad to hear. But he always does, and then I'll hear his booming voice SMITAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA????And I'll be like goody goody girl "haanji papa?" hehehethank god never been caught red handed though :)really nice, keep up the good work


  2. I will never go t omy house when I drink, I will call well before I start and tell them Dad , I will not be home tonight.


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