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Posted: November 4, 2009 in India, Mera Punjab, Punjab

A week ago I got a phone call at 3AM in morning , My maasi had called him up.. and We know how it is when the phone rings so early, I got up picked the phone up

“Hello Hello”.. and the other side was “HEllo Hello” ( Why is it like this when we have a phone call its hello hello .. )

“Tyari Kar Lao.. February, Guggu da viyah haiga”.. (Get your stuff ready for February its a wedding)

Yeah I know sense of TIMING.. in India it was 8:30 in morning so its 8:30Am everywhere, I have told numerous times but no use… Anyway after the initial excitement well there’s not mine I am still drowsy, sleepy and thinking I need to sleep.. I put the phone down and GUESS WHAT ..

I can’t sleep now all those beautiful memories come flooding back to me, The good old days as they call them.. Every Summer holidays 16th May to 2nd or 3rd August, were spent in my village in Punjab. mmmmmmmmmm the freshness still very FRESH in my mind.. Our Village is situated at a very unique location, and our house is in our fields just on the outskirts of the actual village.

It has the Two rajasthan feeders running about 800Mtrs to the right of our house, there is a small canal which passes through our village, that is just there in front of the main door, it used to be kacha first now they have made it concrete (I hate it cause one of the things we did was take our domestic animals cows,buffaloes, ox etc etc for a drink to it.. and Jump in the water ourself , Now we cant do it)

It was so good to be there, The openness, I was a spoilt boy then cause i had come from chandigarh and it was like i have come from a foreign place, Any house you went to offered me Milk, Then the horrific time during the terrorism days, I remember one day My dad had come back home , he walked up to me, asked me to go to the barbers to get my hair cut off, cause punjab police at that time was targetting sikh youth picking them up , killing them in false encounters, luckily my grand-dad intervened stopped me doing it.

But in those days too the punjabiyat in punjabis did not get less, the whole village was one, there was nothing like a hindu house or a sikh house, I remember going to everyones house all the time getting glasses of Milk to drink, GUD (dont know the english word for it) , then a roti mashed with Desi ghee and lots of Shakar in it called choori..

Its funny remembering all those times ,we say we have advanced so much now in our village we have Phone lines, Internet has come to the school, Pakka roads, Electricity and Clean water .. This has all arrived over the few years .. But that LOVE, AFFECTION, CARE has somewhat diminished , gone down to a large scale..

People i guess have become more busier, no one has any time for each other, Gone are those days when My nana ji use to take me along with him to the centre of the village where a lot others were sitting playing cards, chess etc.

The pride in showing off the pair of OX or the pride with which a tractor was kept, washed daily , has paved way to the new SUV’s, the Prado’s. All this advancement is great but where has that LOVE Gone.. I still visit the houses i visited when i was a child but the only difference is now i am asked “CHAH Piyenga” .. the forcing of glass of milk, watching me finish the glass has gone. No more choori…

At night the menfolk would get together burn a fire during winters , we would pull the CHOLIYA ( green chick peas) plants and put them on fire, this would roast the pods of peas they were delicious.. Now we got TV so we sit indoors watching some stupid program coming.

I go back now , to meet people many of them are not at home, they have gone to cities for work, Sometimes i ask who will do the farming if all are going out.

It WAS so good, I remember One time when i got a Slap from my grand-dad, he has never slapped me ever but i remember this one, I don’t know whats it called in english but there use to be this bush of tall grass like , which use to be cut and then the upper layer of the shoot use to be peeled off, it was then braided to make ropes etc, the part of the shoot that was left use to have a hole in middle it was hollow, I was growing up seen a few films , hero’s smoking without thinking I went behind the house lit the shoot and tried to PUFF in the smoke .. to my horror it was not that good also to my bad luck my grand-dad had seen it, he walked over to me I got a slap so hard I remember it to this day.

These days parents are not bothered what there kids is doing.. so many youngsters have take to smoking …

Oh How i long to be there to eat the Makki di roti with sarson da sag,
the permutations and combinations Tactics made to how to go into the sardar Ram Singhs land where he had a field of sugarcane, How to go in there get the GANNE , without being caught…

How to go unnoticed to the BERI that was in Maghar Baaji’s land to collect all the BER to eat… Get the Oranges … WE were typical RAMBO’s camouflaged..

The jumping into the rivers for a dip then getting out, applying all that mud on our bodies , laying in sun till it dried then jumping off, Now people spend so much for a face uplift , wake up people we did it for free on the banks of the rivers ha ha ha ha

I can go on and on ..




  1. ajay says:

    Oye baiji ki yaad kara ta.. bikram senty ho gaya.. so am I invited for the wedding. Is this the teacher maasi.. Wow long time kids have grown up. Do you remember that incident when we all went and sharma ji got tally and he was continously singing the boliyaan, then we went inside the village waking up the people and saying koi BAAT SUNAO ha ha Nice blog keep it up.. PUNJAB MERA RAHE WASDA… You come to canada appna ithe hi small punjab bana laine haan 🙂


  2. Nice post. Shows your love for your village.


  3. smitzy says:

    wonderful post bikram.. you make it all so visual! Punjab is beautiful! I'd love to go to your village sometime and see all that and meet all those people.. I wish I had also grown up with that kind of atmosphere.. Keep up the beautiful post.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice work bikram, glad to see people appreciate the villages.


  5. MadhaV says:

    Nice post Bikram


  6. Bikram says:

    Thanks all of you.. Yes Ajay I remembr everything.. U remember the Khoo party.. 🙂 I bet u do.. THanks Smita for ur comment, glad u liked it and Unpredictable Glad you read it. Mr Anonymous still dont know your name.. Thanks Madhav for the comment.thanks for reading my blog… Please do visiting..


  7. Pallavi says:

    Nice happy post! 🙂


  8. maxmayur says:

    Makes me nostalgic. I remember my home town. 🙂


  9. kavita says:

    Wonderful post…beautiful !!Bikram bhai,now i understand why few of my post reminded you of your village.Thanks for sharing the link for this post.


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