Headlines that make you laugh :)

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Headlines, Humor

1. India is funding Taliban fighters, claims Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik

2. Badal slams Haryana Cong (why cause his PAL/Friend …. Chautala did not win)

3. Another scam comes to light Moga, October 26 .. Inquiry yet to begin in previous case (Just ONE… )

4. A “jhandi wali car” is a dream of all politicians. In Punjab, 14 legislators of the SAD-BJP combine have been given ministerial status by appointing them as Chief Parliamentary Secretaries (CPSs).

5.Shiv Batalvi memorial turns into garbage dump Batala, October 29 Shiv Kumar Batalvi, who won the Sahitya Academy Award and is also known as the John Keats of Punjab, has penned down the best of Punjabi literature. However, a section of the residents here has made his memorial into a garbage dump and the authorities concerned have a turned a blind eye to the same.

6.Muslim body issues fatwa against ‘Vande Mataram’ Top Muslim body Jamait-e-Ulema on Tuesday said that Muslims should not sing ‘Vande Mataram’ as some verses of the song are against the tenets of Islam.

Keep Adding yours .. and lets have smile after reading 🙂

  1. smitzy says:

    Seriously don't these muslim clerics have anything better to do then to issue non-sensical fatwas. First it was to Sania Mirza for her attire now Vande Mataram.. jeeez


  2. Bikram says:

    Yeah I guess thats there job, if they dont issue such fatwas they will be forgotten, hence to be in limelight they do such stuff. Anyway Not all muslims are bad, its people like these just a few who are making it bad for rest.. anyway it still bring a smile even is a SARCY one .. 🙂


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