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Setting the record straight The previous article was not india bashing it was more of a question about why people who come abroad treated like this.

I am sure i asked questions

why is the foreign money very good and the person earning to send a looser ?

Why are the nri grooms / brides most wantede ?

Why if i have a british passport i am called a sir with a smile ?

Why does the concierge at a five star hotel wanting a pound in english currency rather than the indian currency?

Why does a famous hotel wont accept indian currency but will accept foreign ?

Why is it that quiet a few youngsters willing to take all the risks to come abroad?

Why was there chaos at the embassy when uk high commission closed its office a bit early?

Why is there such mad rush to come abrroad, is it worth dieing like so many do on ther way here ?

Why were a few all ga ga over ms chawla who was american but of indian origin who went to space suddenly there was mad rush to cash in on her name cause of her indian origin. I am sure i will be quoted wrong here to.

Why are we called loosers is my question WHY are we accepted when it suits and called loosers otherwise pardon me but in my book there is a name for such people who say something else and do something else.

All that is required is a bit of respect if not as fellow indians then maybe as a foreigner dont see that happening cause then the eyes fall on the similar brown skin and not the white.

Well i may be a looser to have come abroad but atleast i am respected by people who are not my own while my fellow beings and my fellow country human beings think so bad.
Maybe it is me who is a looser but i am happy.

I am sure our fore fathers taught us to respect fellow human beings i guess with so much happening around us we have forgotten theb basics. I am happy we are following the western way.

Thank you all who read this.

  1. Pallavi says:

    I don't know who treated you as what that made you so upset.. I am making an attempt to answer the questions raised by you in hope that it will put some issues to rest;Atithi Devo Bhava- means guest is God! We Indians practice this. So when you come back with a British passport you are addressed as sir because you our not a national but a guest visiting our country ( yours too, just that you gave up on the citizenship). Airports in India have limited capacity and staff ( a shortcoming) so while dealing with a few lacs every day the importance is obv given to the guest over our people ( read those with Indian passport) nothing personal though :)The Indian hospitality industry as a policy ( again a practice being established and followed for many years) accepts foreign currency because that generates more revenue ( cost of a pound/.euro/dollar is much higher than INR). It is purely a business model. And as you belong to the NRI category obviously you are charged in International currency. It makes perfect sense to me! You earn in pound/dollar so pay in the same will be able to understand and ans questions number 6,7,8 better since you too settled for better opportunities overseas.Like I said in the previous post no one questioned your love for India or your Indianess.. You still in many ways enjoy benefits of both the worlds… i don't think it is fair to sound like a cribber and give undue importance to those who gave you an impression that NRIs are loosers. If your people bk home ( read your village men) welcome you each time with same warmth and affection then why care for those who pull you down.The basic culture remains in place that earns you so much respect each time you visit Sir! And as far as appreciating the respect you get from your fellow citizens in UK, I am glad they have got over the issues of racism and treat you with equality and respect.


  2. Bikram says:

    I removed the previous one cause my capitals made it look as i was shouting or angry so i am editing it now … Hi Pallavi Thanks for the Comment.. I wont be saying much other than I dont agree with the reason that I am called sir cause I have british passport, I am talked politely either way In uk, or wherever I go in europe, this has got nothing to do with the airport capacity, Delhi airport is almost 3or 4 times bigger then the airport at Birmingham UK, Leeds UK, Malaga Spain, Canbera Australia.. and there are Double or triple the flights these aiports handle. anyway just a thought not doing india bashing.. my way of putting is that we still follow the hate fellow indians.. please the foreigner.. this is what I am speaking against.. and i hate it .. if i am called sir cause i have british passport then my belief is that INDIANS should be treated the same if not Better. Indian citizens deserve more then the foreginers that come. and this is or was the reason for the two articles .. Not the india bashing.. and when i put this point I was Told that since i myself have bugged off to UK , I am a looser and i got no right to criticize anything..


  3. ajay says:

    Hmm interesting , I told you bikram bai aven tension na liya karo yaar.. WEHLE lok ne .. eh ki jaande ne .. everyone is lost in there own small world.. The problem is no one knows or wants to take on REALITY.. You ask 100 random people out there , 80% will want to leave india.Stand up, Look at urself in the mirror, think did you do the right thing if the answer is YES then Y give a &^%$ to anyone else or what they think.. Who are they to judge you.. NO ONE.. they are staying in India and Treating India like rubbish.. who are they to say anything … Everyone is busy filling there own pockets which will never change.. Till the so called people who think they are doing something for the country.Till the people who Think they love there Country Till the People who call Us loosersTill the people come to know the realityNothing is gonna happen, They change there stand like I change my pants. You getting hyper aven for such people, Why. All these things will only change when the people who ask you What have you done for the country .. THEY TELL FIRST WHAT HAVE THEY DONE… Only then things will change. till then you carry on what you do, let them carry on what they r doing. Time will tell who was right.


  4. ajay says:

    Sorry missed something Tusin hun UK citizen hon, maro goli india nu.. the country which is providing you , you should start doing stuff that you doing for india for UK. and I would also ask all the NRI's Dosto jo marji kar lo you will be outsiders now for india, So why not start to make the country you are living in More better, rather then constantly thinking of India. There are a MILLION INDIANS to think of it let them take the headache and take it to whatever place they want to take it. Appan taan Holiday jaida hai India bas. Theek hai and Moreover Bikram Bai if a customer officer is saying SIR to you and not to other indian passport holders TUSIN KI LAINA yaar .. uhna di problem hai.. Chalo talk soon .. call you


  5. Anonymous says:

    I know how you feel man, what do these people know .. at least you had the guts to come up and say why you came abroad. India is running downhill, there is one thing that people like pallavi are saying and Smitzy.. If they are given the choice they themselves will come abroad. Nice piece keep it up People in india are Hypocrates. They say things whereas they do somethign else.. No respect no nothing.


  6. Bikram says:

    Mr anonymous let us know ur name at least mate.


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