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Setting the record straight The previous article was not india bashing it was more of a question about why people who come abroad treated like this.

I am sure i asked questions

why is the foreign money very good and the person earning to send a looser ?

Why are the nri grooms / brides most wantede ?

Why if i have a british passport i am called a sir with a smile ?

Why does the concierge at a five star hotel wanting a pound in english currency rather than the indian currency?

Why does a famous hotel wont accept indian currency but will accept foreign ?

Why is it that quiet a few youngsters willing to take all the risks to come abroad?

Why was there chaos at the embassy when uk high commission closed its office a bit early?

Why is there such mad rush to come abrroad, is it worth dieing like so many do on ther way here ?

Why were a few all ga ga over ms chawla who was american but of indian origin who went to space suddenly there was mad rush to cash in on her name cause of her indian origin. I am sure i will be quoted wrong here to.

Why are we called loosers is my question WHY are we accepted when it suits and called loosers otherwise pardon me but in my book there is a name for such people who say something else and do something else.

All that is required is a bit of respect if not as fellow indians then maybe as a foreigner dont see that happening cause then the eyes fall on the similar brown skin and not the white.

Well i may be a looser to have come abroad but atleast i am respected by people who are not my own while my fellow beings and my fellow country human beings think so bad.
Maybe it is me who is a looser but i am happy.

I am sure our fore fathers taught us to respect fellow human beings i guess with so much happening around us we have forgotten theb basics. I am happy we are following the western way.

Thank you all who read this.