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Indians in UK- Loosers

Posted: November 1, 2009 in indians, Loosers, UK

I was having a chat where in I was told that people who leave india to settle abroad are a bunch of loosers also Recently a friend of mine pointed out to me that I work for the BRITS, so why should I get angry at things happening in india. I think why not

If I have come to uk does it mean I have lost my individuality, If I work for a british company then does that mean I have become a traitor or something on those terms.

I came abroad cause I knew i could not have done anything in india. I would not have a Job to start with. Cause I was not a bright student, in india its all about MARKS, SIFARISH, RISHWAT. I had none of the three.. so either i stayed there to somehow manage through my life.. OR I come here to do something.

It so happened that when i arrived here I got a job with a firm as a programmer, I went to the interview the person who interviewed me did not look at my certificates, A few practical problems were put in front of me to solve. Thats it .. I was offered the Job. So all those marks etc were good enough for a Foreign firm.. but not for companies back home.

My granddad had this passion to see me go into army, I cleared the IMA exams appeared for SSB interviews to be told that i was not good enough for the indian army. ( I will give a example here , One person got selected he was known to me , during our four days stay for the SSB, we as a group went to see the city , the SSB was in Dehradun.. We had gone to see some caves and there was a Mandir.. Now this guy refused to go in the mandir saying he is a SIKH.. he still got through and now is a major I think and OH I Forgot he was also the Son of a Lt General.) No more comments on that issue … Pity my dad was not One…

And yeah I also Cleared the Dy Commandant exams , but My bad luck my parents could not afford paying 12 lakh Rs as was the going rate at that time, I guess its there FAULT.. they should have sold some piece of land to pay some Arsehole so I could be selected …

Here in Uk I am working for a multi national firm, I also work for the Police, I managed to get through the interviews everything , I was not good enough for my own countries Army but good enough for a foreign countries Police force.

Just because I am a indian and I DONT work for a indian firm does that make me not Indian anymore. ?

People in India from one state to another, think they are going to a foreign place ask anyone from UP or Bihar they will call there State as there DESH.. They come to punjab to earn a living, They say while returning back home “APNE DESH JA RAHE HAIN”. Does that mean they are not Indians.

So why are we demonised if We have come to UK or USA to work and Earn a living.

Why are we criticised if we speak against something in India, Why ..
We have the same right to speak out.

No one says No to the money I give or the free work I do for Indian charities,
Why are NRI’s so much wanted for grooms or brides, Suddenly we are Indians.
But on the other hand we are not good enough cause we chose to settle abroad. It hurts me when that happens, is that making me selfish or the people who are using me selfish.

I reach Delhi airport, there is me standing along with a foreigner , at customs it takes 2 seconds for his passport to be checked , that too with a SMILE and Good Evening by the Custom Official, My turn comes I takes 10 to 15 minutes to go through my passport, under the UV light, this side that side, A UGLY LOOK as I am a criminal , I say Hi.. No response forget about the smile.. AM I BEING HYPOCRITE HERE OR SOMEONE ELSE. I had the same experience EVERYTIME I came on my Indian passport, Now I got british I get the Same smile and sometimes a SIR tooo.

If I am voicing my views about the corrupt practises in India, I am told that this is not good I have left india so I am a good one to speak about it.

Maybe I AM A LOOSER THEN… hurts me to feel that my own people are saying this about me , ah well I guess another reason to have come here at least here in uk I am not made to feel this way.

Sorry if I hurt anyone’s sentiments.. But then thats what LOOSERS do … I will write other experiences I had in a few days to come. Maybe then someone might tell me that I am not a LOOSER to have come to UK.

thanks for reading this