Posted: October 28, 2009 in Angry, India, Sports

I am so angry today , I usually reach work at 9am and for the first 10 minutes or so I read the Times of India newspaper online. One of the articles made me very angry.. I learned that the President of India, was in London to recieve the Baton for the commonwealth games… WTF…

Why do we have this in our nature still to think its so distinguised and honour to meet the queen. ?

Why do we still feel so inferior to the white skin ?

Why are we under such a awe of White people ?

I am not racist or anything, but it just makes me mad.. We ARE HUMANS .. EQUAL TO ANY AND ALL… Still the coments made by some of the leaders , sportmen saying its a honour blah blah to be in London to meet the Queen.

The Queen who is nothing but a parasite on its own people in the country, I mean she lives off the tax payers money .. WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT MEETING HER.. and that too a President of a Country which suffered hundreds of atrocities from the same very hands who we are trying to impress all the time.

I am fuming now at the very thought of Kapil Dev our Star Icon cricketer, I respected him he was/is my hero , But comments like this. I dont think any other coutry would send there PRESIDENT to get the Baton.

There is a Blog on the site written by Mr Tarun Vijay, which has the following lines

“We are a nation that produced a large number of rai bahadurs and sirs and rao sahebs while ‘crazy deewane’ were becoming Bhagat Singhs and Rajgurus and Sukhdevs. There were a large section of our Indians who thought it prudent to keep a silence on Jalianwala Bagh, honour the butcher Dyer even after the gruesome incident. It’s another matter that we had those Casablancas too who preferred gallows to knighthood.

Pratibha Patil and Kapil Devs have joined the ranks of those who have no sense of history, leave aside a sense of pride in the sacrifices of revolutionaries who fought the British. We are the world’s greatest living democracy, much larger and with a better civilisational background and track record of humanity than the British. Why should a head of a democracy present herself before a queen, a symbol of a decaying, old tradition, which has lost all relevance to the contemporary values of civil society? Shouldn’t they be raising questions that why the lady occupying Buckingham Palace must remain the head of the Commonwealth? The most logical and contextually correct thing would be to have a head of a democratic sovereign as its chief and not a titular icon of a royalty that stinks with the blood of our revolutionaries and whose wealth is built on the loot of India?

Pratibha Patil hasn’t found time to visit Hussainiwala , the memorial to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Or the Jalianwala Bagh. London seems to be more inviting to her. What a shame that India should send a large contingent of sportsmen along with her. “

It was good to read the blog , there are still people out there who think like me.
I am really angry Wish i could do something about it.

  1. Pallavi says:

    why r u so angry??? you live and work for Brits remember? I don't see the big deal… undue importance to evoke anger in you.


  2. Bikram says:

    I knew this would come and bite me hard, I dont work for the BRITS. I do a job and get paid for it, Simple as that. Working and living here doesnot mean I have turned into a Brit, I am still very much Indian , to the Core. I still hold to my values which have been instilled in me by my parents. People from UP in india come to work in PUNJAB .. they say and think Punjab to be foreign.. you will hear them say "APNE DESH JA RAHE HAIN".. SO I have just come to UK to earn a living… The anger is towards undue importance given to person who is NO ONE.. I wish someone could understand the feeling , emotion..


  3. smitzy says:

    awww babe.. u get worked up for small little reasons.. there are a million more things to get angry about.. life goes on, and as far as this fascination you are talking about.. its a novelty which with time passes.. tension na lo dear, main hun na 😉


  4. Bikram says:

    yes smitzy dear.. yes no tension.. TUM HO Na . lekin KAHAN 🙂 thanks for the comment , thanks for visiting


  5. Pallavi says:

    Sweets.. I meant why get angry over such a triffle issue…you live work here there… doesn't matter! but u get angry any such chota chota thngs.. not coolI look at this way.. imagine those who ruled now give us so much respect and importance… chado ji


  6. Your point about us being in awe of white skin is valid. But, see, the British changed their rule to allow the Indian President to stay in Windsor Castle, which they haven't done for anyone. This proves that India is rising and other countries want to good relations with her. Regarding the British Queen, she may be no one for you and me and may be a parasite on her people, but she is the head of the state and represents UK. You can not go into someone's house and disrespect the head of the house. And meeting a state head, even if the state is the poorest country in the world, is an honour. Yes, the Europeans did a lot of wrong, but if we keep on carrying the grudges, then the world will not survive till the next decade. Like Pallavi and Smitzy said, you need not get angry at trivial things.


  7. ajay says:

    he he Appan nahin sudharna, I like the person asking you whats the big deal… The deal is people that its Commonwealth and why we carrying on with it .. Democratic hona chahida hai..I tell you in australia they r thrashing the indian students, and in india people are still running after firangi people EH hai ji apni mentality.. I had a funny experience last time i had gone to india I went with my Gora friend when we came back He asked me .. DO INDIANS REALLY LIKE INDIANS.. casue he could not see that we indians actually like indians .. and Oye SMITZY where are you..main hun taan keh ta.. But where 🙂 this is AJAY by the way … if you know what i mean he ha ha


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