Posted: October 25, 2009 in Love, never, relation

If Two people Love each other with all there heart, But don’t seem or Cant hold it together, when do you think ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and part

my answer is — NEVER

What Does anybody else think….

Cause that’s what there relation is I guess.. its still better then the ones where two people don’t know weather they love each other , they may be cootchy-cooing to each other all day long but the moment they turn they r thinking “what a B__” then what use is that relation.

Its better to know that you love and are loved and fight for it , never giving up.
relationships are funny, some last some don’t. The ones that don’t last doesnot mean that they were not worth .. it just means i guess that its time to move on, I know it sounds very odd saying this.. But then what right we got to make someone sad if we cant make them happy.

The ideal point would be to know that the relation is not working and Move on.. Me on the other hand i am very clingy.. I try my level best for the relation to last, i am the types who thinks that if we work on it the relationship will work, but then that’s me.. Although i am also of the point that if a relation breaks then its no use mending it again, for me if i let someone out of my life then they are gone. WEIRD am I not…

silly thoughts but a very sensible friend had told me that thoughts are not silly, they make perfect sense to the sane.. So I hope this all made sense to someone.. Cause if i read what I wrote I will probably end up Not posting it again 🙂


  1. Pallavi says:

    Never is until you find someone who conveys the meaning of FOREVER! till then, just go along the flow.. cherish those who love you and forget those who chose to move on…


  2. Bikram says:

    Haanji Well said… if only it is that easy… Thanks for the comments though


  3. Pallavi says:

    According to me its the easiest thing to follow and understand..where is the issue???


  4. smitzy says:

    people are too snappy when it comes to relations these days.. given a choice between pain with their old partner and happiness with a possibly new alliance, they would choose the latter.


  5. Bikram says:

    Yes Pallavi.. I can understand what you are saying .. Smitzy :- Yeah they wll choose the latter cause no one wants to WORK.. easier that way .. thanks both of you


  6. Punam says:

    Making a relationship work in never easy. And it always takes two..


  7. Bikramjit says:

    Punamdefinitely takes TWO to make it work you need to rememeber the promises made in love and hategood time and bad times stay together and bad times will pass bye alwayssss


  8. gurpreet says:



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