Lecture :- Be a good child

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Children, Lecture, Parents, Son

We love our parents with all our heart and you want to be the best child you can be, but its always not easy. Some ideas that can help, I am lecturing here…

1. Visit your parents, Nothing says “I LOVE YOU” more than spending time with someone. Parents spend there lives giving you their time, So give some time back.

2. Help with house repairs , gardening. Your parents would be grateful when you offer to share some hard work.

3. Get a Good education. Make your parents proud by educating yourself. Most parents dream of their child going into the world with an education that can help them start a career.

4. Get a Good job. Show your parents you can support yourself. A good child can take care of himself and those he loves. Let your parents see the time and effort they spent raising you helped create a good person who can live independently.

5. Be kind to your siblings, help them if you can, Parents want there children to get along.

6. Remember dates b’days , anniversaries, call your parents.

7. ALWAYS thank your parents for all they have done for you.

People often forget to say “I LOVE YOU and YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME” Tell them you care and TELL THEM OFTEN VERY OFTEN.

The reason for this blog is I missed out on a few when I came to UK and settled here, I am not saying it was a wrong decision, But I missed out on the above. Since my Dad passed away 2 years ago, I miss telling him how much he meant to me, How much I love – care for him. I am what I am now cause of his pains, that he took, sacrificing his ideas sometimes to make sure I got what I wanted or threw a tantrum over. I regret not telling him all this when I had the chance, will regret all my life.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Pallavi says:

    Just realised after reading this post.. that I am the coolest kid! I do all this and more..yey!on a serious note, I don't live with my parents, so not seeing them everyday is something I am used to. But now that my mum's going abroad for three months I have recorded her voice, say I love you her atleast 100 times a day..The simple logic in my life is parents can do without you but you can never do without them! Ps: you may have missed out on teling your dad how much you loved him but does'nt mean he didn't know that already! just look up he still keeps an eye on everything you do :)my grandpa does on me:)


  2. Bikram says:

    @Pallavi Excellent Yes you are right with your simple logic "The simple logic in my life is parents can do without you but you can never do without them" There is a Punjabi line which says (read in punjabi ) PUT KA-PUT HO SAKDE NEMAAPE KU-MAAPE NAHIN HO SAKDEmeaning a son can turn his bakc to his parents , Parents would never do it.Thanks again


  3. Pallavi says:

    The saying says it all, surprsingly though.. some of those children who turn back on their parents will always stand by their kids, always, no matter what! :).. only if they did for their parents too!Ps; thanks for the translation, will help your other readers understand what you meant. My punjabi is in place so understood the meaning anyway 🙂


  4. smitzy says:

    That was a very touching post. Reminded me how much I love my parents and how much I miss them.It's sad to see how people these days try ways and means of getting rid of their parents and sending them to old-age homes. Parents sacrifice so much for our whims and fancies and yet when the time comes to pay them back in terms of time and love people back out.your dad knew that you loved him and that you cared for him deeply. Sometimes words aren't really needed to tell the people that you love them. They just know.


  5. Punam says:

    Bikram, How I agree with each and every point you've elaborated here.. some of them are just so ingrained inside me, I never realized them. But then, yes, when one is all alone and completely shattered, it's parents who are standing by your side.. in fact they never left your side.. we forget to acknowledge.. but they are always there. I realized my dad's real value when I got married.. and have always felt that he is an epitome of perfectness.. oh yes, he has flaws.. like every human being does.. but he is the bestest hubby, the bestest father and the bestest friend a person can have.This certainly is one of the closest-to-my-heart topics. ~Punam


  6. Bikramjit says:

    PunamYEs true parents stand by you no mater what.everyone has flaws but theyre love is unconditional .. glad to hear about ur dad.. thanks for liking the post ..


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