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India – China

Posted: October 21, 2009 in China, India, Indo-China Relations

China protesting against the Indian prime minister visiting Arunachal Pradesh a part of India and what with saying it is south Tibet and is therefore its personal fief. Its not a individual who had made a statement complaining against the visit, if it was we could have said he is a lunatic but China country , supposedly the next super power what the hell is it thinking, Checking on the Chinese official website it says That the visit of the indian PRIME MINISTER may trigger disturbances.
How is it a valid statement telling a PRIME MINISTER Of a Country to visit a Part of his OWN COUNTRY. Are the Chinese loosing it all, I mean what the heck is that, They are so crass that they find this act as something that can trigger disturbances.

China has been, disputing the Indian “occupation” of Arunachal Pradesh for a long time leading to being a major cause of the war in 1962. We were taken unaware then, a part of our nation was taken over by them called the NEFA (North East Frontier Agency). They Later due to fear of Americans and Russians gave it back or rather withdrew back, but have kept their demand up. If we go back to history in 1914 the Shimla agreement during the British India rule demarcated boundaries between the then British Raj, China and Tibet. The line then between India and Tibet was called the McMahon line. The Chinese had a problem then so they walked out of Shimla agreement without signing and it is on that basis China has been refusing to accept Arunachal Pradesh as part of India. Later as we all know China illegally occupied Tibet in 1959 and hence the demands of AP being part of china.

The latest statement is a glaring example of China meddling in the internal affairs of India, I also read in the news that They have also been refusing to put visa stamps on the indian passport for students from Jammu & Kashmir. The only Reason being that the Chinese don’t want to recognise Jammu & Kashmir as an integral part of India.The indians have protested but I have not read anything about it so far, so all has fallen on deaf ears as they say.

The rise of Chinese as a next super power is sort of giving them wings, they are indeed trying to fly without learning to walk, I am sure there meddling into indian affairs will increase, they are already supporting pakistan and other anti-indian groups. I only hope and prey that the indians are ready for this all. What with the way indian internal security works, hope there EXTERNAL SECURITY works better. with the Chinese far bigger in manpower, and looking at the videos of the Chinese day they recently celebrated, definitely got much more Military power.

When China illegally invaded Tibet and occupied the land, India kept quiet. Although India allowed a sanctuary to Dalai Lama and Tibetan refugees. Its high time India as a nation woke up and said something about it, Why are we as a nation still acting on Gandhian principles, I mean haven’t we learned from out past mistakes, how many times d owe need to make the same mistake again and again to learn. I am not sure what India should be doing But It should DO SOMETHING, as of now calling the Chinese high commissioner and having a go at him, and telling him that we are protesting is no good. What sort of signal is the Indian government sending to the nation especially to the people of Arunachal Pradesh, who according the TIMES OF INDIA news had a 70% population come out to poll. The people have come out with a mandate If the news media is to be believed and the govt is not siding with them other then sending a MEAGRE PROTEST that too to the high commission.

Why is the government not doing anything else, this just shows the dis concern the govt has for its people and the nation as such. I can understand there are political- economic scenarios to be considered BUT NOT AT THIS, this is like insulting the indian public especially the people of Arunachal pradesh who are putting faith in the Indian govt, Till when will we keep on giving lee way to the outsiders, Why cant we Get up and announce that outsiders who meddle with our internal issues will not be tolerated and will be dealt with sternly , Effectively. How can we forget Chinese opposition to a ban on LeT in UN and the article that was posted on the official website of CIISS (China International Institute for Strategic Studies.

What are we afraid of…….