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Posted: October 28, 2009 in Angry, India, Sports

I am so angry today , I usually reach work at 9am and for the first 10 minutes or so I read the Times of India newspaper online. One of the articles made me very angry.. I learned that the President of India, was in London to recieve the Baton for the commonwealth games… WTF…

Why do we have this in our nature still to think its so distinguised and honour to meet the queen. ?

Why do we still feel so inferior to the white skin ?

Why are we under such a awe of White people ?

I am not racist or anything, but it just makes me mad.. We ARE HUMANS .. EQUAL TO ANY AND ALL… Still the coments made by some of the leaders , sportmen saying its a honour blah blah to be in London to meet the Queen.

The Queen who is nothing but a parasite on its own people in the country, I mean she lives off the tax payers money .. WHAT IS SO GREAT ABOUT MEETING HER.. and that too a President of a Country which suffered hundreds of atrocities from the same very hands who we are trying to impress all the time.

I am fuming now at the very thought of Kapil Dev our Star Icon cricketer, I respected him he was/is my hero , But comments like this. I dont think any other coutry would send there PRESIDENT to get the Baton.

There is a Blog on the site written by Mr Tarun Vijay, which has the following lines

“We are a nation that produced a large number of rai bahadurs and sirs and rao sahebs while ‘crazy deewane’ were becoming Bhagat Singhs and Rajgurus and Sukhdevs. There were a large section of our Indians who thought it prudent to keep a silence on Jalianwala Bagh, honour the butcher Dyer even after the gruesome incident. It’s another matter that we had those Casablancas too who preferred gallows to knighthood.

Pratibha Patil and Kapil Devs have joined the ranks of those who have no sense of history, leave aside a sense of pride in the sacrifices of revolutionaries who fought the British. We are the world’s greatest living democracy, much larger and with a better civilisational background and track record of humanity than the British. Why should a head of a democracy present herself before a queen, a symbol of a decaying, old tradition, which has lost all relevance to the contemporary values of civil society? Shouldn’t they be raising questions that why the lady occupying Buckingham Palace must remain the head of the Commonwealth? The most logical and contextually correct thing would be to have a head of a democratic sovereign as its chief and not a titular icon of a royalty that stinks with the blood of our revolutionaries and whose wealth is built on the loot of India?

Pratibha Patil hasn’t found time to visit Hussainiwala , the memorial to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. Or the Jalianwala Bagh. London seems to be more inviting to her. What a shame that India should send a large contingent of sportsmen along with her. “

It was good to read the blog , there are still people out there who think like me.
I am really angry Wish i could do something about it.

Friendship – Good friends

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Friends, FriendShip

Don’t force a friendship just because you think you ought to be friends with them. Know when to back down and know when its right to end things. Be willing to admit you’re wrong and move past the incident.

Realise that a little tiff is no reason to throw years of friendship down the proverbial drain. We often keep waiting for the other to make a move in case of a tiff, don’t let that happen, Make the Move or at least try it once.

Open the lines of communication, nothing will happen unless you can communicate with your friend.

Tell them how you feel and ask them how they feel.

Swallow your pride, Apologise when you’re wrong. You might be thinking that you , too, were wronged, but that doesn’t mean you cant apologise for wronging your friend.It may not work, but again no harm in trying.

and Least but not the last Accept that Friendships change, If none of these tactics work, it maybe time to go separate ways. GOOD LUCK TO THEM and let it go.

The reason for this blog is that recently a few incidents happen, which made me realise that No matter what you do there will be tiffs, there will be people who wont want to be friends to you, OR who would for a matter be polite to you , take you for granted anyhow all that sometime later.. but for now …


Politics in India

Posted: October 26, 2009 in India, People, Politics

I was reading the online newspaper today , on some issues in Punjab, I had to laugh at the heading Here, Bhindranwale rubs shoulders with martyrs . In punjab a few Posters or Hoardings having photographs of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Udham Singh and Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha, along with Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was killed in Operation Blue Star, have come up.

I am not going to comment on that but what was Hilarious was that some leader or whoever it was of the Shiv Sena (Hindustan) Mr Pawan Kumar Gupta.. saying that it was not right and it was all efforts to revive terrorism in Punjab by misguiding the youth.. I did laugh at this statement.. IF I am not wrong isn’t this the same Shiv Sena which has brought the ways about in Maharashtra telling people of outside state to get out of it.

So the party which has such ideologies to stop someone From India to visit a Part of INDIA to which the Insitution of our country has give the right, they are nice ones to comment on them. Moreover what is this guy doing in Punjab should he not be in Maharashtra, whats he doing in a state which is not his.. Something to Think about
Hence the Joke of the Day for me so here I go HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Politics in india is such a dirty game.. I say game cause you never know when or who will change the party at any given time.. I have this feeling that after a days work and slagging off each other all these leaders get together and have a laugh at my fellow indians fora drink and the Toast is “AAJ KITNO KO BEWFKOOF BANAYA”…



Posted: October 25, 2009 in Love, never, relation

If Two people Love each other with all there heart, But don’t seem or Cant hold it together, when do you think ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and part

my answer is — NEVER

What Does anybody else think….

Cause that’s what there relation is I guess.. its still better then the ones where two people don’t know weather they love each other , they may be cootchy-cooing to each other all day long but the moment they turn they r thinking “what a B__” then what use is that relation.

Its better to know that you love and are loved and fight for it , never giving up.
relationships are funny, some last some don’t. The ones that don’t last doesnot mean that they were not worth .. it just means i guess that its time to move on, I know it sounds very odd saying this.. But then what right we got to make someone sad if we cant make them happy.

The ideal point would be to know that the relation is not working and Move on.. Me on the other hand i am very clingy.. I try my level best for the relation to last, i am the types who thinks that if we work on it the relationship will work, but then that’s me.. Although i am also of the point that if a relation breaks then its no use mending it again, for me if i let someone out of my life then they are gone. WEIRD am I not…

silly thoughts but a very sensible friend had told me that thoughts are not silly, they make perfect sense to the sane.. So I hope this all made sense to someone.. Cause if i read what I wrote I will probably end up Not posting it again 🙂


This was the expression made by Mr Rajiv Gandhi who later became the prime minister of india, His qualification he was the Son of Assassinated Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi.

Its been 25 years since 1984 Riots on Sikhs, Yet Justice is no where to be found. I live in UK, I was a couple of years back called for Jury service for a murder case 6 days it lasted and the Result was announced. 6 DAYS… But in india when the MIGHTY TREE FELL, Innocents were killed But Justice is still not done.

The Congress was in power then, it is in Power Now.

Why is that ZEAL…

THAT Emotion of doing something for the country that IT and ITS followers had in 1984to take revenge for the FALLEN MIGHTY TREE, Not shown now to at least get the victims justice.

The Two Sikh’s who shot the MIGHTY TREE, they were soon found guilty and hanged.. NOW THAT WAS FAST…

How is it possible that a nation like india, a NUCLEAR POWER, so called growing country, We can Find water on moon, BUT WE CANT GIVE JUSTICE TO OUR OWN CITIZENS. Every year or so ministers come asking us to and move on from what happened in ’84. Well give justice hopefully people will move on.

It took more than 20 years for a Prime minister of India to apologise for the riots, this was a SIKH prime minister, I feel that it was all done to get some mileage of him being a sikh. We are so shameless us INDIANS we are.. No wonder the rest of the world thinks so lowly of us. I can now fully understand why we have to face racist remarks abroad.

We don’t give a damn about our own IN our own country .. how can we expect to be regarded or respected in a Foreign country that’s the Hypocrisy we have US INDIANS.

How many people are there who think what happened in 1984 was wrong, thousands if you beleive google search, out of those thousands how many have actually voted for the so called tainted ministers or leaders or officers, My guess would be MAJORITY of them, is that not hypocracy. On one side we say what happened was wrong, YET we get the same leaders voted to power, so they can do the same again and AGAIN and AGAIN.

I am a indian, a sikh I am sure when I write here that i am in UK a lot of the readers are going to have a smirk saying I am someone to talk, living abroad not doing anything about the country, Well I dont want to tell here what i have done or not, But I know this much that I am still more faithful to India then a vast number of people living in India.

Anyway all said and done.. I wish the indian government would do something for its citizens , by citizens i mean ALL HUMAN BEINGS .. not a select few.

Lecture :- Be a good child

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Children, Lecture, Parents, Son

We love our parents with all our heart and you want to be the best child you can be, but its always not easy. Some ideas that can help, I am lecturing here…

1. Visit your parents, Nothing says “I LOVE YOU” more than spending time with someone. Parents spend there lives giving you their time, So give some time back.

2. Help with house repairs , gardening. Your parents would be grateful when you offer to share some hard work.

3. Get a Good education. Make your parents proud by educating yourself. Most parents dream of their child going into the world with an education that can help them start a career.

4. Get a Good job. Show your parents you can support yourself. A good child can take care of himself and those he loves. Let your parents see the time and effort they spent raising you helped create a good person who can live independently.

5. Be kind to your siblings, help them if you can, Parents want there children to get along.

6. Remember dates b’days , anniversaries, call your parents.

7. ALWAYS thank your parents for all they have done for you.

People often forget to say “I LOVE YOU and YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME” Tell them you care and TELL THEM OFTEN VERY OFTEN.

The reason for this blog is I missed out on a few when I came to UK and settled here, I am not saying it was a wrong decision, But I missed out on the above. Since my Dad passed away 2 years ago, I miss telling him how much he meant to me, How much I love – care for him. I am what I am now cause of his pains, that he took, sacrificing his ideas sometimes to make sure I got what I wanted or threw a tantrum over. I regret not telling him all this when I had the chance, will regret all my life.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

India – China

Posted: October 21, 2009 in China, India, Indo-China Relations

China protesting against the Indian prime minister visiting Arunachal Pradesh a part of India and what with saying it is south Tibet and is therefore its personal fief. Its not a individual who had made a statement complaining against the visit, if it was we could have said he is a lunatic but China country , supposedly the next super power what the hell is it thinking, Checking on the Chinese official website it says That the visit of the indian PRIME MINISTER may trigger disturbances.
How is it a valid statement telling a PRIME MINISTER Of a Country to visit a Part of his OWN COUNTRY. Are the Chinese loosing it all, I mean what the heck is that, They are so crass that they find this act as something that can trigger disturbances.

China has been, disputing the Indian “occupation” of Arunachal Pradesh for a long time leading to being a major cause of the war in 1962. We were taken unaware then, a part of our nation was taken over by them called the NEFA (North East Frontier Agency). They Later due to fear of Americans and Russians gave it back or rather withdrew back, but have kept their demand up. If we go back to history in 1914 the Shimla agreement during the British India rule demarcated boundaries between the then British Raj, China and Tibet. The line then between India and Tibet was called the McMahon line. The Chinese had a problem then so they walked out of Shimla agreement without signing and it is on that basis China has been refusing to accept Arunachal Pradesh as part of India. Later as we all know China illegally occupied Tibet in 1959 and hence the demands of AP being part of china.

The latest statement is a glaring example of China meddling in the internal affairs of India, I also read in the news that They have also been refusing to put visa stamps on the indian passport for students from Jammu & Kashmir. The only Reason being that the Chinese don’t want to recognise Jammu & Kashmir as an integral part of India.The indians have protested but I have not read anything about it so far, so all has fallen on deaf ears as they say.

The rise of Chinese as a next super power is sort of giving them wings, they are indeed trying to fly without learning to walk, I am sure there meddling into indian affairs will increase, they are already supporting pakistan and other anti-indian groups. I only hope and prey that the indians are ready for this all. What with the way indian internal security works, hope there EXTERNAL SECURITY works better. with the Chinese far bigger in manpower, and looking at the videos of the Chinese day they recently celebrated, definitely got much more Military power.

When China illegally invaded Tibet and occupied the land, India kept quiet. Although India allowed a sanctuary to Dalai Lama and Tibetan refugees. Its high time India as a nation woke up and said something about it, Why are we as a nation still acting on Gandhian principles, I mean haven’t we learned from out past mistakes, how many times d owe need to make the same mistake again and again to learn. I am not sure what India should be doing But It should DO SOMETHING, as of now calling the Chinese high commissioner and having a go at him, and telling him that we are protesting is no good. What sort of signal is the Indian government sending to the nation especially to the people of Arunachal Pradesh, who according the TIMES OF INDIA news had a 70% population come out to poll. The people have come out with a mandate If the news media is to be believed and the govt is not siding with them other then sending a MEAGRE PROTEST that too to the high commission.

Why is the government not doing anything else, this just shows the dis concern the govt has for its people and the nation as such. I can understand there are political- economic scenarios to be considered BUT NOT AT THIS, this is like insulting the indian public especially the people of Arunachal pradesh who are putting faith in the Indian govt, Till when will we keep on giving lee way to the outsiders, Why cant we Get up and announce that outsiders who meddle with our internal issues will not be tolerated and will be dealt with sternly , Effectively. How can we forget Chinese opposition to a ban on LeT in UN and the article that was posted on the official website of CIISS (China International Institute for Strategic Studies.

What are we afraid of…….

Water On Moon

Posted: October 20, 2009 in India, Indian Scientists, Water On moon

Recently I have been hearing Indian scientists shout and dance with glee over finding of Water on surface of moon. I was in india then, Saw Indian satellite television stations go GA GA over it , so much so that they had the news story on a loop to run every few minutes, there was nothing better for them to do then shout hoarse over the miracle of finding water by our scientists.

I don’t want to be a spoilsport and I hate to burst the bubble BUT do we really think this is an achievement , it seems so surreal cause think of it in this way , or if i may request anyone reading this to look at it the way i am looking, It feels absurd finding water on moon when these scientists have found so hard to find water on EARTH, Water being a major, A VITAL part of Human beings.

Our water levels are going down, the natural water resources are depleting, yes we as a nation have billions to spend on such adventures to be the first to find water on Moon, Tell me what good is it going to be for us as a nation, other then being in news that Indians did it first.

Our Metro cities where children don’t have access to clean water, many die before the age of 10 because of the filthy water they are made to drink. People in rural areas have to walk for hours to get to water, No wonder the literacy rate in india is so poor, most of there time is spent in finding water.

Why are our scientists finding it hard to Get CLEAN water to villages and rural areas of our vast nation. Isn’t this one of the goals to be achieved in the five year plans made by our country EVERY 5 YEARS, Why after 62+ years of independence are we still not being able to implement the most important, the basic necessities , the most vital issues.

I was reading a article somewhere where they mentioned that 17% of rural households have electricity and ONLY 57% of villages are electrified. Is it not shameful for us as a developing country, yet we have the Budget and finances available to spend on such expeditions to find WATER ON MOON.

How can we justify such audacity to those minor kids who are dieing ?

WHY can’t such clever brains answer the problems faced by the fellow indians, the fellow human beings who pay taxes and all for Such Clever minds to go on expeditions like these.

I am sorry , being an indian I do-not find myself at all thrilled or excited about this find, Its time something is done about the most basic problem we have in MOTHER INDIA……, which is actually doing something for the country then running a rat race.

At this moment I am thinking what is love , why does it hurt. I have been feeling so low lately that i am actually thinking WTF , kill myself or something, I really don’t know how to make things better. it feels like been there done it all and nothing seems to matter or did matter.. I am so angry I hit the wall and now i am in Pain 🙂 … ..

has anyone wondered

What it would be if U don’t exist ?

DO you think someone will even bat a eyelid if you go away ?

What makes you think you are needed ?
What makes you think you are even thought of ?
Will you be ever good enough for anyone ?
Will anything you do be ever good enough for anyone ?

Why do people not appreciate what they got ?
Why is it that we think of people who don’t give a damn about us, we think about them all the time ?

Why is it so hard for people to see you smile ?
Why is it so hard for people to make you smile especially those who say they love you ?

Why , why why Lots of why’s but so hard to get an answer for them, wonder anyone has ever got them.. or will life be like this through out, a whirlpool of emotions and heartaches.

Two people are having a decent conversation when Mr. A asks Ms B something and things fly off the handle, this buggers up the whole conversation. Then the wait starts who is going to ask or talk first.

HAS THE RELATION BECOME A GAME who does what first ?

and the silent treatments, The phone conversations start paused adequately with long silences…

U still there ? YUPP STILL HERE

Then a couple of words and again the silence…. What do you do. then comes the finale.. right then “A” I have had enough , I got to go , bye …. and the phone gets put down…

What was to be a beautiful day gets screwed because of one thing , one small little thing.. What should happen Next time .. should that scenario be not repeated .. or should it be handled more appropriately….

What is a relation, is it so hard to ask ur partner/lover/ ur better half, something that you need. or the question is SHOULD YOU BE ASKING… OR SHOULD YOU BE GETTING IT …

My mind is gone numb at the moment.. god knows what all is going through it at the moment wish i had a grasp over english vocabulary so i could put it down in words, so as to portray the turmoil its going through at moment.

Why WHY WHY WHYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Should i just kill myself and see if it will have the desired REACTION….

(psst.. Like i said me and my random thoughts … Dont worry I am perfectly sane and you will see the next post soon, got you worried there did i not MR/Ms READER…. )


Life is All about ASS

Posted: October 16, 2009 in random

Your Either Covering it,
Laughing it OFF…
Kicking it …….
Kissing it …….
Busting it …….
Trying to get a piece of it..
Behave like One…

YOU Live with one !!!!!!